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If you are getting bored of playing puzzle games or racing games. Then why not try some adventure in your life. Which can only be become by playing some adventure game. The adventure game is like Westland survival mod apk. Which is full of thrillers, adventure, or suspense. Westland Survival is based on the concept of living in the woods like a cowboy and surviving for the needs.

In the Westland survival apk mod game, a man is living in the woods and fighting with the gangsters who are annoying him. He has a gun with him. From which he shoots the gangsters and kills them. Take their weapons into his own use. Sometimes he meets the native people in the woods and does trade with them. Buy some food to eat. 

westland survival mod apk

Sometimes robbers have taken all the things from you. At that time you need to survive in limited situations. Make your weapon with the stone and wood stick. Hunt the animal which is present there and eat it as food.

Features of Westland Survival Mod Apk

Make a place for living

If you are living somewhere, the first thing you need to live in is the house. So, living in the woods without a house cannot be possible. So built the house in the woods. The first thing that is used to build a house is to select a suitable place. Which is safe from wild animals and from robbers.

Then collects the helping material which like woods helps to build the house. Make the shed by joining the wood sticks. Make a ranch for your sheep and a horse. Collect all the basics need for things from the forest. Scoring goods means you can buy items for your house.

Made Your weapon in Westland Survival Mod Apk

The other basic thing you need to survive in the woods is your weapon. Sometimes you need to fight with the robbers or gangsters and to protect yourself from the wild at this time only your weapons help you to be saved. Some of the moments come when the thieves robbed out your weapon. Then you need to make a weapon with the stone and sticks, and use it for your protection. Use the crafts which are present for the making of weapons. you can also play the game in free craft mod survival.

Deal with the gangsters

Living in the west and don’t deal with the gangsters isn’t even possible. You need to face your enemies and fight with them. These enemies try to loot your things. They are always in the chance to take everything from you. But you need to prepare every time you load yourself with weapons and food. So, you never face a situation in which you are in difficulty. 

Your character’s life also matters here. Try to make your character healthy. Buy the health packs from the money. Which makes your character stronger.

Get More Excitement in Westland Survival Hack Apk

Face the challenges

Westland survival is for adventurous people. Who wants thrilling in life and to face difficult situations. In this game, they face a robber who wants their life as well as weapons. So, try to save them. Even a different player can attack you for the goods. So, keep yourself healthy and always equipped with good weapons. At every end of the level, your energy level will rise up to face the challenges.

Meet with the native people

In Westland survival, you will meet the native people of the woods. You can trade with them to get money. If you have any extra spare things give them those things and get money against them. You can also exchange the goods with them.

Solve the quest in Westland survival mod apk

Like every other game, Westland survival also has a quest in it. Complete these quests and earn exciting rewards. Solve these mysteries in the game and get a reward. As your level increases in the game, the mystery will become more and more difficult but the reward also gets bigger and bigger.

Get the precious things

In Westland survival collect precious items by following the maps. The maps are given in the game in which the details are given where to find the precious things like ancient weapons which help you to fight against the robbers. Follow the map to get towards these things. If these are showing out in the ground, then take out these things by doing the mining. And make your weapon more powerful.

As you already know the Westland survival mod apk is already giving unlimited gold in the game. Gold is never-ending in it, not worried about its depletion. These mysteries are only given to make the game more exciting for the player.

Meet different people

The Wild West hacked survival games are played worldwide. Millions of people play this game. Through this, you can get a chance to meet them. Make friendships with all the other players. In-game you can also do matches in between friends. Make your survival skills better and beat your friends with your skills. You can also help your friend by giving him the necessary weapons and food. In wild western survival, game guides are also present in it. The west game hack cheats are present in it.


Graphics of Westland Survival Mod Apk

The Westland survival has 3d graphics which makes the user play the game continuously. The wonderful visuals enhance the user experience. It’s showing the real experience in the woods. How the cowboy lives life in the forest. The visuals of things are so realistic in the game. The maps which are given are easy to read. You can also select the graphics according to your interest. in Westland survival mod apk god mode are also present.

Customize your character

You can customize your cowboy character according to your interest in Westland survival mod apk android. You can change his hair from black to blonde, change his look from American to Indian, can easily change his shoes and clothes, which makes him smarter. If you have done any robbery in the game, change the look of your character so no one can easily catch your character.

As well after defeating your enemies you can also change your look to make them fool. In Westland survival mod apk obb you can also change the color of the character. In Westland survival mod apk unlimited everything is available.

What’s in Mod Apk?

Westland Survival Mod Apk Gameplay

Westland Survival mod apk is an adventure-type game. In which the cowboy has to live in the woods. Where he survives for his basic needs. Interesting things are found out in different types of maps. Sometimes you need to fight with enemies, fight against the wild animals, search for food to eat, and make yourself liveable on the west woodland. You feel like you are connecting yourself in the story. In this game how to survive mods in the woods is a test for the player. In Westworld, mod apk players are also connected globally.

The Westland survival mod apk no-ban version is updated in it.

Mod Features of Westland Survival Hacked Apk

  • Free craft and buildings.
  • Free up-gradation and unlimited amount of food.
  • All maps are unlocked and wild wastelands hacked are also given.
  • Weapons never damage.
  • Split more items.
  • VIP pass activated.
  • No ads and Westland survival cheats.
  • All paid items are unlocked.
  • Can easily build own ranch in the wild west.
  • Instant crafting at the workbench.
  • Free Westland survival games updates.
  • Westland survival mod apk unlimited money latest version.

Final words

Westland survival mod apk is worth playing. It has everything in it that a gamer wants. A person who likes more adventure and thrillers can easily play this game. Riding a horse, fighting with wild animals, surviving for food, making a place for living, fighting with enemies, and much more make you more excited. So, download the Westland survival – be a survivor in the wild west. Also, checkout sonic forces mod apk to enjoy another adventure.

What's new

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Server Update



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