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NameWar Machines: Tanks Battle Game
Requires Android4.4 and up
DeveloperFun Games For Free
MOD PropertiesUnlimited Money, Gems

App About

War Machines Mod APK is an amazing android game that is included in the top 20 and is based on a tank army game. This is a multiplayer online game based on the tank theme that enables you to play either solo or in a team.

It executes with the best genres of traditions. To earn bonuses for improving existing equipment, You will have to destroy all rivals on the battlefield.

It is a short battle game in which each challenge has only a  time of three minutes. There are many amazing and unique tanks for you with specific stats such as Shots, Attack, Armor, and Movement. You can use and pick them in different types of battles.

Also, compete with friends in high-speed combat wide range of solid tanks. Every variety of tanks has many advantages and disadvantages all depending on terrain and strategy.

war machines mod apk

After earning a great number of points, You are able to unlock new tanks and also upgrade their parts. Plus, with great decals, you can personalize your car. 

Furthermore, you have to control the tanks to find and destroy the enemies in tank wars. In addition, there are many amazing countries for you that are based on the real world.


War Machines is extremely simple gameplay and quite easy to control. On a ferocious battlefield, You are a driver of an automobile battle tank. While your task is to destroy your enemies.

You can manage your tank in order to win by using different types of navigation keys that are designed on the left side of the play screen.


By dragging on the right side of the screen, You can easily control the rotation of a gun barrel and it revolved at 360 degrees. The game’s camera also rotates in a rotating barrel setting that allows for easy viewing of the object.

In addition, You can also use the shot button for reconciling that is located in the upper right corner with the bullet icon.


To evade the enemy shots stand in a safe location from where you can  Aim attentively to ensure the bullet hits the target. There is also a notification bar for you that appears on the bottom of the screen where the tank’s HP appears.

You will lose when your tank’s HP reaches zero. Moreover, there is also a supply item available for you that gives you a variety of benefits such as improved damage HP recovery, and many other benefits.

Furthermore, While destroying your opponents, You can gain many points and be revived to continue playing after explodes of your tank. In addition, You have to take commands on your tanks and clean across fronts to victory. While doing this, You can win the match with the highest scores.

Features In War Machines Mod APK

  • Battle Lands
  • Vehicles
  • Iconic Tanks
  • Easy To Control
  • Modes
  • Customization
  • Free To Play
  • Graphics
  • Sound

Battle Lands

In War Machine Hack APK. You have to start your military career by fighting against your enemies to climb in rank and obtain rare resources for future advancement.

While doing this, You can get access to a massive arsenal of modern weapons and automatic equipment. In addition, everything is more thrilling from the range of the game.


Furthermore, After seeing the quintessential elements in each combat on current battlefields you can admire yourself. Moreover, You have to assign different objectives with your teammates for accomplishing spectacular victory after selecting the unit for battle.


In the game, the focus has occurred on mechanized combat vehicles like warships, tanks, and planes instead of the human element. Furthermore, there are various options for you to enjoy the most and its front is diversified and deep.

All your combat performances have different depending on your combat unit-based. It all depends on your decision. Moreover, To make the battlefield richer and more vibrant Land, Air, and Sea have several branches.

Iconic Tanks

With the Tech tree, You are able to access the range of new generation tanks. Each of them has its own upgrading system. While getting enough points You can see its amazing evolution and development. Furthermore, To make them a more effective appearance and performance schemes are present.

You can enjoy it while applying it to any warfare. What’s more, it gives you an experience of the genre of action for the concept of war. These coins are very useful for you in purchasing new and powerful tanks. Moreover, With these coins, You can get many tanks of different models, colors, and shapes.


Easy To Control

War Machines have an entirely changeable, smooth, and flexible control mechanism. You can handle it for modification with three or four fingers.

It allows you to record all the movements of a vehicle. While Driving these various vehicles, You can get a comfortable experience due to its extensive precision customization.

Moreover, Including aim or shot support technologies allows you to fight in a battle with greater accuracy high-pressure, and fast-paced circumstances. In addition, the outstanding control mechanism makes this game more interesting and unique.


In addition to introducing new game styles, War Machines Modded APK introduces a more complex and engaging gameplay experience.

Furthermore, To promote you more successfully many environmental aspects are present. Therefore, Your laws and tasks can also be altered that depends on the game modes.

Moreover, You can enjoy this game a lot of the reward system and individual ratings that varied on the game type.

To unwind and escape yourself from the pressures of the ferocious battlefield many periodically modes are launched for a limited time.


In War Machines Hacked APK, You are able to upgrade tanks and also unlock powerful weapons and stats. Furthermore, Increase its turbo and charge shots. There are also many different types of advanced techs that are very useful in battle. While doing this, You can defeat your enemies easily.


Free To Play

Wars Machines Modified APK is free to play. Only, You just have to go to Google Play Store for getting this. Furthermore, It will be automatically installed on your devices.


War Machines Modified APK make depicts realistic battlefield scenes with their excellent and colorful graphics engine.

Moreover, Its visuals concentrate on developing the world of interactive or damaging and also developing everything in detail. You can enjoy it a lot with the amazing result on the battlefield’s environment.



War Machines is based on amazing music quality. Furthermore, the music of the game shows a professional manner, which makes the game more enjoyable.

  • Unlimited Money, Gems, Diamonds
  • Free Shopping
  • No ADS


Yes, War Machine Mod APK has a multiplayer mode. It can be played both offline and online.

Yes, War Machines Mod APK is free to play. Just go to Google Play Store, download it and it will be automatically installed on your devices.

Yes, War Machines are safe for all devices. It doesn’t harm any small devices.

Final Words

After reading the whole article, You can smoothly know about the Modified version of War Machines. So, Don’t waste your time just download its latest version from here and enjoy unlimited money, gems, and many other things. Furthermore, Also unlock all the amazing tanks and features without paying any penny in this modified version.

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What’s New

  • Bugs Fixes
  • New Battles
  • Bugs Improvements

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