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We are welcoming you to this outstanding presentation of Nix Hydra with the name of The Arcana. Every game, sorry not only game, almost everything in the whole world is famous because of their specifications. The Arcana Mod apk is famous because of the Storyline or the characters used in this game. In this game, we will be facilitated with fabulous graphics or sound.  These things increase the worth of the product. Whose seeks the attraction of the user. Overall,  the language used in this game is only English.

the arcana mod apk

The Arcana Mod apk is available for the users of Android or also the users of IOs which means that this gaming company provides its services for both device holders. The visible size of this game on Android is almost 113MB or on Apple devices, is almost 234.5MB. These sizes of games are not tough for any Device but the minimum limit for android users is that they must have the  Android version of 4.4 and up. Everyone maybe has that android version. You can also get amazing Shop Titans Mod Apk from here.

The latest version was Delivered by Nix Hydra on the date of February 10, 2022. After this update, they added a lot of new features to it. With this, the player of this game is more in love with this game. On Android, this game achieves almost 4.7 / 5.0 stars on the play store, or also on the app store they achieve the same rating of 4.7 / 5.0 stars on the app store.  Or the positive reviews on the play store is almost 88,286 total or on the app store is over 15.5K which is not an easy task for others. The game Category used is simulation.

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Features of The Arcana Mod Apk

The Arcana is basically for the love story seeker. This game is all about a love story or this game is based on a Novel. I assure you if you start playing this game you are in love with this game. Almost everything used in this game is made with the deep love or hard work of the creatures. In this game, we will see almost 6 Different main characters. So, the whole game is based on these characters. Another fact of success in this game is the characters used in this game.

Every game presents its latest features after delivering its new update. The arcana delivered his latest update on Feb 10, 2022. In this latest version, they show the newest event according to the event of Valentine’s Day. In this game, they are all celebrating the Heartsong Festival.

Graphics and Music:

Everything used in this game is made with too much effort or determination. Or the Quality of Graphics used in this game is unbelievable when you see the graphic you must be in love with this. How they design everything. The texture quality, water, sky characters, clothes, and almost everything are too awesome.

The quality of music used in this game is great according to the situation. Therefore, the music used in this game increases the suspense according to the situation, or you will feel too much happy with music if a situation is full of love or happiness. Consequently, all of this is possible only with the music used in this game.


Every game presents us with the character used in his game to show the wealth of the whole game. Almost every player is in love with the game. However, arcana used almost 6 main characters to define the whole game. The names of these characters are Asra, Portia, Lucio, Muriel, Nadia, Julian is the main character used in this game. Every character has its own story to explain. We must choose a character to start their journey with us. 


Asra is one of the main characteristics used in our game. Every character used in this game has special skills or powers. The power of Asre is, he is a good magician. He is a good magician based on a magical mentor. How she is our magical mentor because she is our prince or the prince of his region. Or she knows the secrets of everyone.


Julian is another main character used in this game. He is a Doctor in this game and everyone knows that he is a criminal because he is accused of a vile crime. With this, he is too Dangerous. If anyone sees him he must run from there because of her crime. 


Muriel is another major character used in this game. In this game, Muriel is an outsider, which means that he is not the city he came from another place and we will meet him in Vesuvia. With this almost no one easily trusts him. 


Nadia is also another character used in this game. Nadia is one of the noblewomen in her city because she is an of the count of her city. Also, she is one of the most powerful people in the world. She is too polite or almost calm every time. Everyone in the city knows that she is a nice woman. She is a beautiful character in this game


Lucio is the dead husband of Nadia. Lucio is one of the leading characters in The whole city. Same as Nadia, he is one of the most powerful people in the city. He is part of a count. Like Nadia, he is too polite or a good person. He is famous because of his boldness.


She is also one of the main characters used in this game. Portia is only the most steadfast maidservant in this game. She has a lot of secrets about Nadia in her mind. Any type of work Nadia has to do she call her to do that. She is such a beautiful character used in this game.


The arcana also has a feature to purchase the coins to unlock any then if you think you don’t have sufficient coins to unlock your favorite item you have to purchase the coins if you want to get it earlier. With this, the interest level to play the game will increase.  Every pack of coins is based on a specific amount means every pack has its coins according to the worth of the pack. The prices are not too high like other games.

Mod Features of The Arcana Hacked Apk

We will get the hacked version of any game you want. The Arcanas hacked file is also available on google with this you can unlock anything you want without spending any money on this game. If you want any hacked file then you have to search the arcana hack. Or if you want to get unlimited coins in this game then the arcana unlimited coins. With this, you can get almost unlimited coins. Apple users are too safe because of the security. Or the users of ios are not able to get unlimited coins but from here they get the arcana hack for ios.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can we play this game without the internet?

Yes, we can play this game without the internet but we are not able to facilitate new events or an option to play again. 

Can we play this game on pc?

Yes, we can play this game on pc. By using the emulator on pc. With this not only this game we can play any mobile game on pc by using the Emulator.

Is the Arcana game free to play?

No, we will get a specific area in this game to play.


The Arcana Mod apk is one of the most loving games in his gaming industry. If you think you are not able to play this fabulous game because of English then you are wrong. The quality of English used in this game is the same as the English we learn in our schools. Maybe your doubt will clear with this. In this game, every character has its special powers. Also, check out another simulation game plague inc mod apk for free.

What's new

  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • Server Update




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