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Smurfs' Village Mod Apk gives you unlimited money and unlimited berries. You can be unlocked all its features in this latest hacked version.
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Hi, guys, we welcome you to the best presentation of PopReach Incorporate. The category of Smurfs’ Village Mod Apk is Simulation-type. This game is inspired by the movie with the name of the Smurfs. After a lot of love and support from the viewers of this movie, they decided to release the game on it. Smurfs’ Village Mod Apk is based on story mode. In the gameplay, we have grown our Village and made it stronger, always trying for the safety of the village from the Enemies. In this, the village is not a normal one, this is a magical village.

If we talk about some achievements of this game then on Android over 10M Downloads are complete and on iOS is almost the same as it. If we look at the positive reviews and their rating then on Android over 947K Reviews are complete, and on iOS is 16K which is quite great according to the category of this game. The Rating on Android is 4.4 / 5.0 and on iOS is 4.7 / 5.0. The size of this game is 891MB on Android and iOS is double that of 1.7GB, which is pretty normal according to the game. You can also get an amazing The Sims Freeplay Mod Apk from here.

smurfs' village mod apk

Features in Smurfs’ Village Modded Apk :

Almost every game is famous because of its features. We will get lots of features in Smurfs Village. These features are the main facet of the success of this game. Basic features are written below.

  • Graphics
  • Sound & Music


The graphic is the main facet of the success of any game. If any game has nothing in it but the graphic quality is unbeatable then this game gains lots of downloads and earns very well only based on Graphics. In this game, 2D graphics are used. And the texture quality is unbelievable on everything. This may be another facet of the success of this game. You can also download Godus Mod Apk from here.

Sound & Music:

Sound & Music is also an essential part of every game, without this game is nothing. Sound & Music is also another main facet of the success of Smurfs Village. The music behind it is too attractive and charming. By hearing the music you can play the game non-stop. Every item has its sound with this feature. We can easily recognize what the sound of this item is.

Daily mission and achievements in Smurfs’ Village Modded Apk :

Unlike other games, Smurfs Village gives us lots of achievements and daily missions and we must have to complete these achievements. By completing these missions we will get some extra rewards, by using the reward we can unlock anything we want or upgrade the level to become more stable and stronger.

Special/Daily Reward:

If you want a special or daily reward then you have to play this game continuously and you must have to login into the game daily. With this, we get a special or daily reward. If you fulfill every condition then after a week or a month you will get the extra special reward. You are free to use your reward at any time.

Events in Smurfs’ Village Hacked Apk :

Unlike other games, Smurfs Village also presents us with several types of modes to play with this. Every mode shows us its method to play and the presentation of every mode is different. They added lots of timely or fixed modes to play like Christmas, minigames, Halloween, or others like it. Everything is in trend throughout the world, this trial will be the timely mode/event for you to play and get fun with this.

Decorations in Smurfs’ Village Hack Apk :

The decoration is an important thing to do in your gameplay. With Decorations, the whole look can change according to our taste. In the shop, we get an option with the name of Decorations, and this option also has further options are written below.

  • Pathways
  • Flags & Signs
  • Greenery
  • Walls
  • Furniture
  • Lights

These are all of the things used in the gameplay. We can customize anything you are free to do anything you want.

Smurfs’ Village Mod Apk Version:

Smurfs’ Village Mod Apk version is also known as a hacked version of the game. In this latest hacked version you can get unlimited money and unlimited smurfs’ berries. You can get the latest hacked version of this game from here and also from Rexdi, Revdi, Happy mood, etc.

Smurfs’ Village Mod Apk Features:

The working of Mod Apk is that we will get everything for free in this game. Not only free but almost unlimited according to your mobile game. We also get the Smurfs Village mod Apk, with this we get

  • Unlimited smurfberries
  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlock everything
  • Level maxed of every item. 

We can say this is free shopping, hacks, cheats. This will be easier for you to understand the meaning of it.

Gameplay and story:

Smurfs Village is a story-based game. If you want to play this game freely then you can play freely. But In the story mode, we are part of some special blue characters and we are in the magical village. In Magical Village we have to build everything from the beginning. We have to keep everything upgraded and level max because of our enemies. With this, we can defeat our enemies easily. In this game, our enemies are everywhere, and have to be ready all the time.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Smurfs Village harmful to small devices?

No, the main concept of this game is that everyone can play this game for free.

Can we play smurfs’ village on a tablet?

Yes, you are free to play this game on any device you want.

How to install smurfs’ village mod apk on android?

Download the Apk file from here, Turn on the 3rd part app installation option from your device settings, and after that click on the Apk file it will automatically start the installation process.

How to install and play smurfs’ village hack Apk on PC?

For playing the game on pc you need to download and install an emulator i.e BlueStacks, Game Loop. After that download the Apk file and simply install it on your emulator and start enjoying the game with all its mod features.


Smurfs’ Village Mod Apk is one of the most downloaded games in his series. In this single game, you will get a taste of every category of game. This is the main feature of smurfs’ village. If you think you don’t have internet then you can play this game then you are wrong. The twist is that in offline mode you will get limited events and features but in online mode everything is yours.

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What's new

  • Remove all of the previous bugs to make the gameplay smoother.
  • Added a timely event according to the season. 
  • They tell us lots of new tips to use in the gameplay.




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