How to Play Slither IO With Friends and Enjoy with Buddies

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By default, there is no multiplayer mode if you way to play the game slither io with your friends because the game server select 500 random participants. So, if you are lucky you may get your friend in the same gameplay.

But as said there is a will there is a way. There are 2 methods I am sharing so that two friends can play in the same lobby using plus chrome extension and NTL MOD for And for that, you need a PC or laptop with the google chrome browser installed on it. That’s sad but on mobile, this is not possible to share the same lobby with your friend.

The browser-based game variant is the only one for which this technique is effective. You’re out of luck if you’re a mobile player. You’ll also need Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome, or any other browsers that allow extensions from the Chrome web store. with Friends Using Slitherplus

  • Install the slither plus extension by going to chrome and clicking on add to chrome extension button.
  • Accept the recommendations that are displayed on your screen, then install the setup file.
  • Click on the extension icon that appears on the browser and click on play
  • After that input your nickname on the form which will appear.
  • When you start the game you will see the IP address appearing on the bottom of the screen.
  • Copy that IP address and send it to your friend and ask him to click on connect to IP button and enter your IP address on the popup window.
  • He will be added to the same server as you.
slither-io with friends

What is NTL

There are many more features in NTL Mode than just multiplayer. Examples include teams, a new settings menu, and support for skins. At first, we are discussing how you can add your friends on the same server to play as a team.

  • Install the NTL Mode extension from the Google chrome web store.
  • Click on the extension icon and click on play slither io.
  • Here you can select the server as per your choice and send that server address to your friend and ask him to connect through the “connect IP” option.
  • Additionally, NTL Mode adds skins to the game that you can edit as you choose. Change the appearance of your slither snake by selecting Skins from the menu. This mod introduces a tonne of new customization choices.
  • NTL Mode expands the options for customizing your hack game. You can change the game’s graphics and snake settings by clicking the settings button. You are allowed to alter these in any way that works best for you.
  • By clicking the “Reset everything to defaults” option, you may easily return settings to their original state if you run into any issues.
  • In the “teams” mode, your snakes are safeguarded from harm from other team members.
  • Additionally, it enables you to organize “clans” of gamers and have fun with your buddies. Without a team, the chat feature will not operate either.

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FAQs cannot presently be played with friends on mobile devices by default. However, you can attempt to play again and again, and maybe you will get that server the same as your friend but this is very rare.

Your friend’s device can be blocked by an IP address or it might not be online. Verify that NTL Mode is enabled on your friend’s browser. Retry after checking these settings.

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