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The popular snake game tips and tricks are there now. You have to feed colored orbs to your snake for it to grow in a sizable multiplayer arena. Stay away from other snakes to avoid being a snake meal. Alternately, force opponents to collide with your side to defeat them.

The light orbs are the secret to your food supply. By eating them, you can increase the snake’s size and provide it with extra vitality. The bigger the snake, the better your chances are of successfully capturing other snakes.

You start the game little, so wait until you are stronger before attempting to take on the big boys. Till you are large enough to handle smaller snakes, practice eating and avoiding snakes.

Slither IO Tips, Tricks, Controls, and Tactics

Controls and tactics in techniques require some getting used to. If you’re new to the game, have a look at these fast pointers.


Two-way Control System

  • If you only use one finger to manipulate your snake, simply tap and hold any place nearby, and it will move in that direction. Dragging your finger along the border of the screen will allow you to quickly change the position of your snake.
  • If you prefer, you can tap anywhere on the screen, in which case your snake will immediately spin and go in that position.
  • With both hands on the phone, you can control your snake with two fingers by tapping back and forth in a snake-like motion with your thumbs. To go up or down, tap the snake’s upper or lower portion, respectively.
  • Being able to maneuver quickly to attack or defend against other snakes is one of the advantages of two-finger handling. When you’re tiny and passing through a location with lots of orbs, it also helps you collect more of them.

Shift in perspective

The shift in perspective is another challenging part of growing big. You will initially only be able to glimpse a small piece of a huge snake slithering by. You’ll be able to view far more of the arena than the smaller snakes until you transform into the huge snake, who has an almost godlike vision.

This is useful for setting up ambushes and engulfing other snakes, but if there are too many snakes on your screen at once, the game will start to lag severely. Once you make the top ten, you are essentially operating in defense mode. You shouldn’t play aggressively and should only utilize your boost for defensive purposes.

Slither IO big snake

Use of Trap

Therefore, if you’ve been playing for a time, you’ve probably seen snakes become completely encircled by a bigger snake. According to conventional wisdom, you shouldn’t group yourselves to make it simple for another snake to encircle you if you’re substantially smaller than the snake in question.

When you notice a large snake encircling another defenseless target, one sophisticated maneuver you can try is to coil yourself up. Getting the larger worm’s attention is the main objective here. Once you do and you can see that they are heading your way, it is even better if they are accelerating toward you in an attempt to get an advantage over you.

Stumble Technique

If you come across a large snake plugging away while you are a tiny snake, you might want to hang out there for a bit for a few different reasons. Simply move in the same direction as the large snake if you come across one and are not at all near its head. 

Large snakes draw a lot of attention and are usually effective at eliminating other snakes. Then you rush in and consume as many orbs as you can. You should jump in and consume as many of their orbs as you can if the huge guy is killed while you are monitoring further back.

Use your boost to catching

It will become clear that some of the glowing orbs have moved as you get more accustomed to You’ll need to use your boost to catch them because they’ll try their best to escape from you. They have the advantage of being far more valuable than the typical orb, which will result in substantial development when you obtain one if you’re just starting.

 For the same reason, if you see one going straight at you, there might be a snake chasing it in your direction. You might be in a great position to surprise a player who is not expecting it.

boost to catch

Creation of Barrier

You shouldn’t just glide past everything, whether you’ve physically defeated a large snake or have merely discovered a goldmine of orbs, as doing so leaves you open to being blocked by someone coming the opposite way. Your best course of action is to quickly surround the orbs with a barrier made up of your snake’s body, then loop around to get the orbs.

 This is a safer tactic that may also draw reckless risers directly into you, which means more orbs for you even though you won’t likely collect as many as you would if you just boosted through.

Follow Trails

Whenever you utilize boost, you leave a trail of orbs in your wake. It makes sense to follow orb trails for a variety of reasons. When you first start, it’s a rather simple way to find a consistent supply of orbs, and it can also help you locate other snakes. They will soon start spitting out orbs, and you will be in a fantastic position if they fall.


Cross your Tail

Be confident in crossing your tail. game tips and tricks give you the freedom to cross your tail, unlike the original arcade game. If a person is trying to block your path or you need to get away from them, you can utilize this to your benefit. You can also use it to prevent someone from picking up the huge number of granules you’re looking for.

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Final Words

These are some tips and tricks you must know before start playing slither io to get a good game score and position in the leaderboard. For playing similar games like slither io read our guide. And for getting the latest updates do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter or bookmark the website.

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