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Project Offroad Mod Apk gives you unlimited money. You can unlock everything in this latest hacked version.
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Hi, guys, we welcome you to the unbeatable presentation of Bycodec games. The category of Project Offroad Mod Apk is simulation-type. In this game, we will talk about several on-tracks with unexpected difficulties. You will see and explore lots of new tracks. Here is a chance for you to show us your skills by crossing these tracks. This is not an easy mission to complete so easily. After a lot of hard work and struggle with the Bycodec games, we get this fabulous game for free.

Project Offroad Mod Apk

Project Offroad 2.0 earns a lot of love or support from the public therefore over 1M of Downloads on Android and in iOS is almost the same of it. If we see the size of this game then on Android the size is almost 557MB and in iOS, it is 811MB which is unbelievable if we compare it with others of the same category. If we look at the positive rating on Android over 30K Positive Reviews and on iOS is over 1K which is unbelievable.

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Project Offroad Hacked Apk Features:

Almost every new player is in search of a game with uncountable features with low size. In Project Offroad 2.0 we will see lots of new, unbelievable, exciting, features that increase the value of the game. The basic features are of the game are written below.

  • Graphics
  • Sound & Music
  • Tracks
  • Upgrade and customize


If the graphics of any game is fabulous then the game is successful in every field. So, Project Offroad 2.0 obeys this feature. If we judge the graphics of the game with the size then you will be shocked for a min. Graphics might be the main facet of the success of this game.

Sound & Music:

If you are a music lover and you are in search of a game that has unexpected music on it then this game is a specialty for you. The main feature is that the Music will automatically be changed according to the present situation. The sound quality used in this game is very good. with this, you will enjoy the whole game you want.  You can easily judge anything by hearing the sound of it.

Customize & Upgrade:

Like other games,  Project Offroad 2.0 also gives us an option in which we can customize our truck according to our taste. In this game, you will see if you want to create then you have to spend some coins according to the demand of the chosen item. Customizing and upgrading your truck will cross any difficult track you select but you have to be active in this.


If we say Project Offroad 2.0 is a racing game then this might not be wrong. This game is based on several on the Tracks. Every track tells us his details. With fabulous graphics, the view of these tracks becomes too beautiful. We will get almost every sort of track. These tracks are written below.

  • Hill climbing
  • Mud track
  • Water track
  • Rocky surface

This is not easy enough to complete the missions on these unbeatable tracks. But here is a chance for you to show us your skills. Not a normal driver can cross it. If you want to cross it then you have to spend a huge amount of time in practice.

Check Points in Project Offroad Modded Apk:

As we are wondering in the game, we will get a big mark of checkpoints on your map. We have to reach the checkpoint after this your main mission will start. In this time you have to cross these tracks according to the given mission. you will receive lots of commands to complete the mission. This is only for your joy to play and get fun with this game.

Modes in Project Offroad Mod Apk:

Project Offroad 2.0 only facilitates us with career mod. This does not mean that you will face only a single kind of difficulty to win the match. As your game starts you will receive lots of new, unexpected difficulties, difficulties will change if you resume the match. You will get rid of these difficulties if you have a skill, how to handle it. Every difficulty level will automatically be increased to make you active.

Play with challengers in Project Offroad Mod Apk:

The main facet of online games is that you are free to play with anyone. In this game, you will see lots of players in your match, you have to complete the mission with them. If you want to win the match then you have to spend a lot of time on the training ground. Only your skills can save you from failure. This is only enabled if you are playing this game online.

Vehicles Project Offroad Hacked Apk:

Project Offroad Mod Apk gives us several kinds of vehicles to use and conquer the whole game. Every vehicle has its specifications. But in the beginning, you will receive a normal vehicle.  

All of these vehicles are different based on size, shape, color, speed, power, or other. If you want to conquer the whole game then you have to customize your vehicle to play and win the whole world.

Purchases in Project Offroad Mod Apk:

Project Offroad Mod Apk enables in-game purchase, with this we can unlock anything you want. If you are in love with any specific item or also want to unlock it. Then you have to spend the coins if you don’t have enough coins to unlock them then you have to purchase the pack of the game. The price of every pack is different according to the worth or quantity of coins in it.

Project Offroad Mod Apk Version:

Project Offroad 2.0 Mod Apk version is known as a hacked version of the game. You can get unlimited coins and unlimited money in its latest version. There are unlimited features for you that can be easily unlocked in this hacked version.


Every gaming studio delivers its gaming method. The Bycodec games are new in this type of game. If you play this game then you will not be able to say that this presentation is of a new creator. Therefore lots of new players are added to this game. In the gameplay of this game, our game starts with a simple truck. We have to continue our journey with this. On the screen, we get a map. In this map, you will see almost everything which is required according to the mission. You can also get Hybrid Animals Mod Apk from here.

Project Offroad Hack Apk Features:

The working of Mod Apk is that we will get almost everything for free, not only free we will get unlimited things in this if we use it. If you are using this feature then you don’t have to spend any money on it.

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlock everything
  • No ads

These are the basic features of mod Apk. This is only designed for your joy.

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Project Offroad harmful to small devices?

No, Project Offroad 2.0 is specially designed for small devices. Almost every small device can afford this game.

How to install Project Offroad Mod Apk on android?

Download the apk file from here, Turn on the 3rd part app installation option from your device settings, and after that click on the apk file it will automatically start the installation process.

How to install and play Project Offroad hack Apk on PC?

For playing the game on pc you need to download and install an emulator i.e BlueStacks, Game Loop. After that download the Apk file and simply install it on your emulator and start enjoying the game with all its mod features.


Project Offroad 2.0 is all about completing the track by facing lots of difficulties. If you want to win the whole game then you have to spend much of your time in practice, or if you are a good racer or driver then this will be easier for you to conquer the whole game.

Let’s talk about the map of this game. In-game, if you want to move anywhere then you are free to move in this game. There are lots of options to play the game, if you feel comfortable on TPP mode then you are free to play or if you feel more compatible on FPP mode then this is your game. Do what you want in this game. You can also download Make More Mod Apk from here.

What's new

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlock everything
  • No ads




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