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My Talking angela Mod Apk is presented by Slovenian Studio. Talking Angela is the part of talking tom. On November 13, 2012, its main series was released. The Apps successor My Talking Angela was released on Dec 14. 

Talking angela has been facilitating users of IOS, iPod or iPad and Android or google play since Jan12 and Jan 14 respectively. The extreme peak level of Slovenian Studios started when Angela was introduced to the field of games. Talking Angela is a chatterbot app. Talking Angela was subjected to an internet hoax claiming to grasp children’s attraction.

my talking angela mod apk

At this time My talking angela mod apk becomes an extra popular game in the gaming industry. This Game also encourages our children therefore this is at a high level. This game starts from talking to Tom but after some time  Slovenian Studio saw the interest of our children. They started to modify the game as they introduced My Talking angela. This company achieves unbelievable achievements. My talking angela 2 mod is also available you can also download it if you love virtual pets.

My Talking Angela Mod Apk Theme:

If you already have played Talking tom then you will easily be able to compare it with My Talking Angela. You will see a lot of themes added to this game. Fully Decorated Room, A fantastic changing room or bathroom you will see and be in love with. 

Features of My Talking Angela Mod Apk:

In this game, you will Get Glittery things and Sparking ideas that will be helpful in your personal life. This Game will easily increase the mental level of our Children. This game helps a lot in the life of our children. In this game, you will see our children start treating our pets as a part of our family. With this, you will see your kid becomes neat and clean. He will brush his/her teeth and take a bath on time to maintain himself.

Loyal Friend, cute or sweet pet.

As you join this game you will see a cute cat on your screen. This cat will easily be your friend. Or not only a friend if you want your lovely pet. Then this cat is perfect for you. If you want to play with it. You have a lot of ways to play with your friend/pet. All these alleviate depression, anxiety, and anorexia.

Dance studio:

My Talking Angela is especially for our kids to have fun. Dance is another way to have fun. With this, you will see a lot of dance steps. If you want to learn it then you easily learn it by watching it on your screen. With dance, you will easily be healthy. But in this game, you will see your cat dancing or enjoying as you want.

Beat up: 

If you wanna fight and you want to beat your cat/pet then here is an option. You punch her or clap her only for your joy. If you take it seriously then it is wrong to play with it. But here is a fact about it as you started to beat her. She will show us funny impressions that you will enjoy by watching her face or a sound she produces.

Take care of Angela:

As you take care of yourself you must take care of your pet. As you brush your teeth you have to brush your pet, as you take a bath if you feel you are dirty then you have to give a bath to your pet. You must have to take care of yourself or your Angela.

Feed her:

If your pet feels hungry then you also have a lot of things to feed her in this game. In this game, you have a lot of things to feed her. She will tell you what she wants to eat.  In My talking angela mod apk, you have a lot of ways to have fun. Feeding her is another way to have fun. 


As you have a lot of clothes or shoes in your personal life. Your Cat also has such things with a separate room. Angela has a lot of clothes or shoes in her room. You will see dozens of customizations in this game. Or another thing is that you have the option of the shop. What you want you can easily be able to purchase or feel this looks much better in your cat.

Rewards of My talking Angela Mod Apk:

As you complete your task like feeding her, taking care of her or others will get Coins/Gold or gems with this you can purchase lots of clothes for your pet. You will see two types of currency in this game Gold or Gems if you want to purchase it then easily you can purchase it. After spending some time in this game you will see some shiny things on your screen as you open it you will get some puzzles by filling or completing these puzzles you will get a lot of Gems. As you perform some tasks you will see you level up slowly or you will get Rewards in this Game. 

Be Social:

In My Talking Angela if you feel free with your cat your friends can also be able to join you in this game. You can compare your pet with your friend and have a lot of joy. As you are friends your pets easily be friends and you can also be able to search for a lot of friends in this game with this game your friend’s list is always on top. With this, you can feel free to play the game with online friends. 


By mistake, you delete this game. Never mind, don’t think your account was lost. Your account is safe as you install the game again. Your pet is looking for you.


As you enjoy this game you will see that this game is performing much better as compared with other games like it. As you start this game you will enjoy the Graphics level of this game. Maybe you are in love with it.

Mini-Games (Inear games):

My Talking Angela mod also has lots of minigames in it. Like snakes, puzzles, fruit cuts, or lots of games in it. With these mini-games, your enjoyment level will increase. Or you may be in love with it.


My Talking angela also has a lot of categories of this famous game. Other companies also copy our method of games but all in vain. The success level achieved by this Game( My Talking Angela ) is not what any of the gaming companies will get.

Unlimited coins or Gems:

You will get lots of ways to get/download this game but from this site, if you start joining this game.  As you start it you will see uncountable or endless coins or gems on your screen. With these coins or gems, you will be able to purchase lots of clothes, shoes, or hairlines.

Free Purchases:

If you think your Gold is getting low then here is an option to purchase it.  You also have the option of spinning to get a Reward. The Method of Purchase is not enough though as compared to other games. You can easily be able to purchase gold/coins or gems to purchase a lot of things in this game to be cute as compared with your friends. In this game, as you want to customize your pet it will be easier for you by the method of purchase.

Free to play:

Don’t think if you don’t have access to the internet you will not be able to play the game. This game takes care of a lot of our users. You can play this game when you are offline. If you think the level of joy becomes low. Then you are wrong in this way. The level of your joy will not be lost. You will enjoy the game you want to play. But the thing will not be able to play with your friend. Chat with your friends.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

How do I download my Talking Angela Hack?

Download the Apk File from the given download button and install it on your mobile device and start playing my talking angela hack apk.

How can I play Talking Angela on PC?

Yes! But you need an emulator software for that purpose. Download a well-known emulator like bluestacks and install it on your PC and after that download the apk file from babyapk and start playing.

What's new

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