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Jurassic World Alive Mod apk is all about playing the game with Dragons. This might be a new way to play the game. In this game, we will learn about all types of Dragons that are used in this game. We can enjoy the whole game with Dragons. In this game, we can have 1v1, 2v2, 4v4 fights of dragons. This game is all about the ability of your dragon in this game. If your dragon is strong or you are clever in how you manage your whole fight you can win the fight.

On March 14, 2018, we got this awesome presentation from Ludia Inc. this presentation changed the whole thought of the gaming industry. With The hard work of this company, we get a free game to play and explore the whole game by using your 100% of the mind. The category of this game is Adventure. By hearing the word Adventure you get a point on your mind to play the game with different types of Experience. 

jurassic world alive mod apk

 The size of this game is almost 540MB on Android, and on the IOS is around 1.2 GB. means that this game is not for low devices but the main feature of this game is that anyone can play this game.  If you have a low storage device you can play this game but you will miss the Graphics level in this game. 4.3 /5.0 stars on Android or 4.5 /5.0 stars on IOS Device this game achieves which is not an easy achievement for any other company to achieve. Or the positive reviews on android is almost 578,595 or on apple 89.7K. 

Features of Jurassic World Alive Apk Mod

Every game has its own feature to explain the whole game. Jurassic World Alive has uncountable features to explain the whole game with this you can get the game or you can play this whole game for free. The main feature of this game is to play this game and experience the whole game Graphics and also the use of sound or music in this game. The Graphic of this game is uncountable according to the size of this game. The deep texture of this game increases the value of this game. This might be another fact for the success of this game Jurassic world alive mod apk happymod.

Every game released its new features after releasing the latest version of the game for the better experience of the users. Jurassic World Alive added a lot of new characters or also removed a lot of characters in his game for a better experience. They added a new battlefield in the gameplay with this we can feel free to play the game. 


Every game presents its characters to play the game or experience the whole game. This might be a fact that the character is used in any game because of the success of the game. Not only a single character is used in this game to play like other games. We will play this game with such characters we capture in the game. In the beginning, we get Euoplocephalus, Tarbosaurus, Nundasuchus. These three are the basic Dragos used in this game. With these dragons, we start our whole journey. 

Bosses in Jurassic World Alive

In the whole game of Jurassic World Alive, we get different categories of Bosses. All of these bosses are too tough to kill. All of the bosses have their own category level. We have almost 7 different types of bosses in this game. Jurassic world alive campaign.

  • Bajadasaurus Boss
  • Postimetrodon Boss
  • Indominus Rex Boss
  • Andrewtops Boss
  • Gorgotrebax Boss

In the beginning, we have to kill them to start the new missions. After that we get 

  • Hadrons Lux Boss
  • Parasauthops Boss
  • Glyptoceras Boss
  • Blue Boss
  • Carnotaurus Boss

This was the 2nd category used in this game to play the whole game with some difficulty. 

  • Megalotops Boss
  • Rinchicyon Boss
  • Meiolania Boss
  • Mortem Rex Boss
  • Indoraptor Boss

This was the third type of boss used in this game.

  • Megalonyx Boss
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex Boss
  • Scorpios Rex Boss
  • Phorurex Boss
  • Ceramagnus Boss

Every type has its 5 types of big monsters to play with, but as our level up and the game tends to end the numbers of bosses tend to be less in this game. Like the last three bosses are left. 

  • Refrenantem Boss

This one is slightly different from others and in this game, we will kill them by using extra powers in this game or with our full powerful or loaded squad able to kill him. For this boss to kill all of them is slightly difficult to kill. 

  • Haast Maximus Boss

This one is the second last undefeatable category of the boss used in this game. This will not be easy prey for you to kill.

  • Hydra Boa Boss

Last but not least. This one is one of the most powerful creatures used in this game. If you will get him then you will conquer the whole game.


Ability means power. By using the power we can get anyone in any game you want. In this game, we have a lot of features to play the whole game. 

  • Quick-Use Abilities
  • Charged Abilities
  • Counter-Attack Abilities
  • Swap-In Abilities
  • Swap-Out Abilities
  • On-Escape Abilities
  • Priority Abilities
  • Discontinued Abilities

All of these abilities are used in this game are written by using all of the powers in this game we will get any of the enemies in-game


Item is such a thing used in this game to get extra things to play the game. All of these items have their own feature to use in-game. 

  • Scent Capsules
  • Enhanced Batteries
  • Batteries
  • Drones
  • Incubators
  • Cash
  • Coins
  • Darts

You can easily understand by reading the name of any item. What is the work of the item? By using these items you will get anything you want. Jurassic world alive mod apk mod menu. In this, we will get all of the options to run the whole game.


The simple meaning of the arena is battle. Every game presents different types of arenas in his game but Jurassic World Alive presents several types of arenas according to the game for the joy of our users.

  • Training Grounds
  • Fallen Kingdom
  • MT Sibo
  • SS Arcadia
  • Nublar Jungle
  • Badlands
  • Lockdown
  • Sorna Marshes
  • Jurassic Ruins
  • Lockwood Estate
  • Aviary
  • Lockwood Library

There are almost 12 types of arenas used in this game. With this, you will be undefeatable in this game.

Purchases in Jurassic World Alive Mod Apk

Like other games this game also gives us a feature to purchase with this, we can unlock anything you want. You can unlock it by spending some cash on a specific item. If you are in love with this item you can unlock it by spending some cash or coins on it. But in this mod, you will get it free.

Some other features you will get are:

  • Free Shopping
  • Mod Menu
  • VIP Mode
  • Unlimited Battery

Gameplay of Jurassic World Alive Hack

you required coins, Darts, items to enter the matching arena. In the beginning, we have to start our game by entering a training ground. With this, you will get some coins or darts to enter the game. If you want to win the game then you have to use the normal attack, the special attack, every special attack requires a time limit to use it again for more damage in this game. We can play this game with the Jurassic world alive mod apk joystick. Jurassic world alive glitch.

We will get a Drone by using this Drone. We have to capture the Dragon in this game. By capturing you get a new companion in this game you can upgrade the level of this companion if you are successful in catching the dragon. If the level of your companion is upgraded then the damage ratio will automatically be increased in this game. Not only damaging everything required in the fight. If you want to play for a better experience then you play the game while walking.

Mod Features of Jurasic World Alive Hacked Apk

A hacked file of every game is available in this game to play freely. If you want to get unlimited battery then you have to search on google, Jurassic world alive mod apk unlimited everything latest version with this you will get everything for free. Jurassic world alive mod apk free shopping available in any hacked file. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can we play and download Jurassic World Alive Mod on PC?

Yes, we can play Jurassic World Alive on pc by using the Emulator. Not only this game we can play almost every mobile game on our pc by using the emulator.

Can we play this game offline?

Yes, we can play this game offline but we are not able to experience extra features in this game.

How do we get an unlimited battery?

If you want to get an unlimited battery to use this in-game then you can download this from here.

How to download & Install Jurassic World Alive Mod Apk on android?

Download the app file from our website, turn on the permission of 3rd party apps, and after that start installing the app and here you go.


By playing this game we can enjoy the whole game with different experiences with Dragons. Our kids have no idea about Dragons. They think Dragons are only cartoons. This game is to educate the kids with joy. You can play this game with lots of features. If you start playing this game you will fall in love with this game. In this game, almost 10 different types of languages are used in this game for all kinds of people to play the game in its own language. Also, check out another famous adventurous game Roblox mod apk and spend your time with more fun.

What's new

  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • Private Server Update




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