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Download the latest hacked version of Jurassic Survival mod apk and enjoy unlimited health, free craft, shopping, and everything unlocked in this mod menu hack.
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Hi, guys, we welcome you to the best presentation of Mishka Production. The name of this presentation is Jurassic survival. The category of this game is Action. This game is all about dragons and we have to hunt them for survival in this game. We get a lot of information about Dragons and types of dragons in this game to play.  The seller of this game on iOS is Mikhail Talalaev. Without this help, we are not able to play this fabulous game on the devices of apple. 

The size of Jurassic Survival on Android is almost 166MB and on iOS, the size is almost 550MB. According to the size of this game, we are at an advantage because we get a lot of new features to play and have a lot of fun in Jurassic survival. On Android, this game completes over 10M of downloads and the same on iOS. 4.2 / 5.0 on Android and on iOS 4.1/ 5.0 which is not an easy achievement to get for other games of this category. 

jurassic survival mod apk

Over 238K positive reviews on android and in iOS double of it. We can get a lot of merriment in Jurassic Survival. The latest version was released on the date of July 31, 2020. The version number is 2.7.0. This game is famous because of the texture of the characters in this game. This will increase the interest in your gameplay.

We get a lot of new features after downloading the latest version of this game. The most reliable thing in this new update is the shield being stronger increases and the strength of lace which is the most reliable weapon in this game. They added a lot of new locations to explore the world. This will increase the level of your joy. Jurassic Survival mod apk no root is available after the latest version. Or also Jurassic Survival mod apk no verification is required to start the game.

Gameplay of Jurassic Survival Hack Apk

After downloading this game, we get a lot of new features to start the game. Like they asked for a difficulty setting to play on normal settings and on a hard setting. This option must be helpful for you to play the whole game. As we start the game we have nothing to survive in this game. By using our minds we can make every impossible thing possible.  

At the start, we get a simple rock to start playing this game. First, we have to collect anything you see on your screen. We have to cut the trees. With this, we get wood and fruits on the tree. This must be helpful for you to play the game. This game is like Minecraft according to the features in this game. We found different types of dragons are wounding on our screen. If you want to survive and want to live then you have to hunt them and get a different type of loot according to the character you hunt in this game.

We also have another action game mod by which you can release your stress download kick the buddy mod apk now and release your anxiety on your buddy.

Features of Jurassic Survival Apk Mod

Every game presents its features according to the game. lots of new players will be added and start playing this game. The main feature of this game is that we can do anything we want in this game. This means that this game is an open-world game. If you want to play this game on FPP mode then you can but the default setting is TPP mode. Graphic and Music are unbeatable according to the size of this game. This must be helpful to new players.

Equipment in Jurassic Survival Mod

We can use different types of equipment to play the game. Also in Jurassic survival, we get a lot of new and different types of equipment to play the whole game.  

  • Medicine
  • Food
  • Tools
  • Weapons
  • Armor

You can easily understand the name of the product used in this game. By using all of these things we can conquer the whole game.


Almost every game of this category does not give us such a feature to select a pet. We can purchase a pet that is quite helpful for you and this must be helping you in your hunt. We will get a lot of advantages of a pet in this game to play. If you feel alone in-game then you have to purchase a companion. Everything must be easier for you if you purchase the pet. If you get it your joy level of playing this game will increase. 


Like other games, you can purchase coins or gems to unlock anything you want in this game. Jurassic survival also gives us a feature to purchase the coins or gems in this game to unlock anything you want. If you can afford the prices of the pack you select then the prices are not high enough for you. The price of every pack is reasonable not enough high, unlike other games.

Jurassic Survival Hacks / Mod Features

The hacked file of almost every online or offline game is available on the search engine you use. By using the hacked file you can get Jurassic Survival mod apk unlimited everything. Like, Jurassic survival mod apk unlimited health. If we say Jurassic survival mod apk free shopping then this is not wrong. With this anything you want you can unlock it like outfits, companions, weapons, food, medicine almost everything used in this game you will get it for free. Jurassic Survival mod apk all unlocked.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can we play Jurassic survival on our PC?

Yes, we can play this game on pc by using the emulator. Not only this game, almost every game you can play on pc by downloading any type of emulator on your pc.

Can we play this Jurassic survival game offline?

Yes, we can play this game offline. But without the internet, we are not able to enjoy a lot of new features which are available with the internet. Jurassic Survival mod apk offline.

How do we get everything for free on PC with Jurassic survival Mod?

If you want anything unlimited on pc then you have to download this game from here with this you can get everything for free. Otherwise, you have to visit Jurassic survival mod apk blackmod. Or also Jurassic survival mod apk free craft. This might be helpful for you.

How to download & install Jurassic Survival Mod Apk?

Download the apk file by clicking on the download button and after turning on 3rd party app installation click on apk file and it will start installing automatically.


Jurassic Survival teaches us how to survive in a difficult time. This game is all about survival, how much equipment you require for survival. The decision of downloading this game is one of the best decisions that will be proven for you. If you start playing Jurassic Survival you will recommend this game to your friend to play and get fun with this. Everything present in this game will be the cause of your joy. Everything in this game is unbeatable according to the size of the game. Also, check out an adventure game that is also related to the Jurassic world.

What's new

  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • Private Server Updated




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