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Download the latest hacked version of Idle Police Tycoon mod apk to enjoy unlimited gems, money, diamonds, and all unlocked features in this cop game hack.
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Idle Police Tycoon mod apk is one of the most well-known gaming series. This game is all about managing the whole Police station not only a single police station. Almost every police station in the whole city we have to manage them. With this, We can control the whole city’s crime. We are one of the cops in this game, must have to keep an eye on almost all activities that occur in this game to play this fabulous game by enjoying the soft relaxing music. 

The Developer or the Publisher of Idle Police Tycoon is Codigames. Codigames is one of the well-known game maker companies. The Presentation of this game is not like the other normal games. In this game, we will enjoy a lot of things or we have to perform a lot of tasks. We can play this Idle Police Tycoon on Android. Not only Android, but we can also play this game on ios. Because of this game, we can manage anything you want all because of this game. 

Idle Police Tycoon mod apk

The App size of this game Android is almost 149MB or on IOs the size is 601MB. The Latest Version of Idle Police Tycoon was released on February 10, 2021. After this update, they added lots of features like; New Events or Themes, characters, a New city for the event. With these new additions, we can play this game more smoothly. In the Play Store, they achieve 4.2 / 5.0 Star and 170,313 reviews which are not easy to achieve.  On the App store 4.7 / 5.0 stars 15.9K Ratings are quite the best achievement for this.

As every game presents their most latest version in this they added a lot of new features for the Players. For the increase the level of our player’s joy. In the Idle Police Tycoon mod apk latest version. We will see a lot of new features added to it. These New events or themes with a fabulous color combination. New Legendary characters. a new city, New criminal organizations to be arrested in the event. All of these are available on the most recent version. Of other new things because of the latest version. You can also get an amazing Project Offroad Mod Apk from here.

Features of Idle Police Tycoon Mod Apk

Idle Police Tycoon Mod Apk is one of the over ranked games ever seen. In this game, we simply get the basic city to control the crime rate. The name of this city is Town Hill. Every City contains almost 5 Police stations. We have to manage all of them. With this, we can see that slowly the Crime Rate of our City slows down.

Idle Police Tycoon Mod Apk is one of the over ranked games ever seen. In this game, we simply get the basic city to control the crime rate. The name of this city is Town Hill. Every City contains almost 5 Police stations. We have to manage all of them. With this, we can see that slowly the Crime Rate of our City slows down. Here is another game for you to check out project qt hack apk to enjoy everything.

Run the Whole Police station

Every Game Proud us with his Character or the Specification of the character but in this game, we are the main Police officers to Run the Whole Police Station. For this, we have to keep an eye on almost Everything Related to it. With this, we can manage or Run The whole Police Station Gently. All of these things are briefly be Define Below by doing this we are the best:

Lockers in Idle Police Tycoon Hacked Apk

In any Police station, we see Lockers are one of the most important parts. In this, we can simply see that Idle Police Tycoon gives us several types of Lockers. Some lockers are there to save to given files. Here are the different types of files. Some Files to manage the whole Police station or some type of file we collect from the Reception. Or last but not least Our Main Lockup is the same as the locker given in this game but the Difference is we catch the Criminals and straw them into the lockup.

Detective or Officers

Detective or Officers is also the main port for the Police Station so in this game, we have to unlock them or also an option to upgrade the level of Detective or Officers. with this, the Efficiency of the character will increase to catch the Criminals. In this game, Detectives or Officers are the main part to control the crime of the whole city. But the main fact is that Detectives are not able to go outside from the Police station. They can handle the case by sitting in the police station but the Officer will move to keep the criminals in his cars.

Another task for officers is to clear the street of thugs, we need to catch them. The officers will be hired to arrest the criminals that were identified by the detective. With this team, we can easily be able to do a lot of tasks.


As any citizen will enter the Police Station in this game he moves toward the Reception to complain about what kind of issue he has. He told his Complaint to the Receptionist, he Write the Complaint and proceeded with it to solve the issue. seats are there for citizens to wait for Reception to complain. We can upgrade all of these things in this game. Idle Police Tycoon gives us an option to upgrade all of the things.

Vehicles in Modded Apk

The vehicle is another thing that is used to catch the Criminals. In the beginning, we have nothing to do for quick work but after spending some money on this game we can unlock the cars to catch the Criminals. Purchasing Cars for quick efficiency is a good option only for beginners but as you level up in this game we will see lots of Different types of Dangerous Criminals,  to catch all of them not only cars are Required.

 We have to unlock the SWOT, Swot is one of the Strongest Types of Vehicles which is either bomb proof means too much stronger as compared to other Vehicles. They will use it to make a quick arrest. Otherwise, they will take much longer to do their job. 


We can Use the Cameras for Security purposes. This game is all about Maintaining Security. At the start, Cameras are locked but as you level up you will be notified by the game that you can unlock the Cameras. In this game, we have to use the cameras for strict security. We can use the Cameras on the Criminals Lockup. By using the Cameras or also plugging the Cameras on a specific point in the main city it will be helpful to stop the Crime. We also get the Camera Room for the Maintenance. 

Main Things

We will get some main things in this game to manage the whole of the game. These things like Crime lab, Electric Room, Special Lookup dangerous criminals, Canteen, or a lot of things Related to it. With all of these New Features, we are easily able to show our Best. After all of the quality work, we will get the bonus for the city Mayor.  With this, we can do anything with the money you want.


Almost everything is safe if we manage the structure. If anyone is to be on a Rank then you have to maintain the whole unit. Without this, anyone is not able to survive. Idle Police tycoon is all about the cop which is the most important department for the Security of the whole city. In this, we have different types of staff required to run the whole station. We required sufficient for every Department to run. 

Settings of Hacked Apk

Every Game will show its Setting to manage the Whole Game. But in Idle Police Tycoon, we will see some other options to manage the whole game but some options are written to Explain with these options we can run the whole game. In this game almost everything is unique: music, sound, or the other things used in this game are fabulous. In Idle Police Tycoon we can create our account to save our total activity what we have done in this game or Restore the Purchase this option is not given from the other games.


Almost everything we do in every game is one of our achievements. In this game, arresting the Criminals, upgrading the items, upgrading cars, swot, etc. almost every task we do is part of our achievement. By completing this achievement we will get a Reward. With this reward, we can unlock further things we want.

Purchase in Idle Police Tycoon Cheat Apk

Like other games, this game also gives us an option to purchase. In this game in-app purchase is available. Every pack amount is based on the value of this pack. If you are interested then you can easily be able to purchase the money or also gems in Idle police tycoon. With this, you can unlock anything you want. 

Idle Police Tycoon Hacks

With the hack, we can get almost everything free in this game. Same as, Idle police tycoon unlimited coins/Gems. With this, you can unlock anything you want in this game but not in this game almost all of the games you want will get it from the hack. 

Story Mode

Wilson Mcgee is another Temporary officer who teaches us how to deal with citizens, Criminals or he also teaches us how to manage the whole of the police station. If anyone is interested in This game’s story mode then he can play the game with story mode but such types of games don’t have the storyline to play the game. In the beginning, we thought this game had its storyline. But this game is all about managing the Police station. idle police tycoon cops game. If you are interested in romance then also checkout lovestruck choose your romance mod apk.

IPT Modded Features

  • Unlimited Money & Gems
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Free Shopping
  • Everything Unblocked

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you reset idle police tycoon?

If you want to reset the game, then you have to uninstall the game. And again you have to download the game. With this, you can Reset the whole game.

Can we play this game Offline?

Yes, we can play this game offline if you think you are not able to play the game without the internet then you are at this time.

Can we play this game on PC?

Yes, we can Run this game On PC by Using the Emulator. We are able to play the game.

How to download & Install Idle Police Tycon Mod Apk?

Download the apk file by clicking on the download button and install this apk file into your android device by enabling 3rd party app installation feature from the setting of your device.


Idle Police Tycoon is one of the most downloaded games. In this game, we have to Manage or Run the whole Police Station as an Officer. By playing this game we can know how to manage anything you want. Wilson Mcgee will teach us and guide us on how to play the whole game. Also check out another simulation game the arcana a mystic romance mod apk.

What's new

  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • Private Server Update




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