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Grow Castle MOD APK is one of the most outstanding games in the tower defense genre. You can get unlimited money in this hacked version.
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Grow Castle Mod Apk is very popular nowadays. They have received a lot of attention from the gaming community and that may include you. It has simple gameplay designed with two main goals: to entertain and use the player’s tactical abilities. Plot Rusty’s Castle has a story that begins with a horde of invading monsters.

NameGrow Castle – Tower Defense
Requires Android5.0 and up
Original SourcePlay Store,
MOD PropertiesUnlimited Gems, Skills Unlocked
DownloadsTEN Million Plus
Root RequiredNo

Furthermore, your kingdom is the next chosen target. Doom will soon follow, but fortunately, you have been warned of this. However, the kingdom’s power was rather weak, and most of the bases were captured. Currently, the last remaining base is the castle. You will face your enemies eventually and forever Castle tower defense hacked.

As in all defense games, your only task is to make sure the tower stays solid whenever there is an enemy attack. In the first wave, everything seemed very easy. The system gives you some instructions on how to add units and how the game works. Enemies continue to advance on the right side of the screen, destroying everything in their path Grow Castle Mod Apk.

You will destroy them until the end of these waves. Victory unlocks the next wave with more enemies. In other words, the difficulty gradually increases. The longer the defense time, the greater the monster’s speed and power. So you have to get stronger to adapt. In addition, Upgrading the main tower, recruiting new units, and building side towers are just a few things you can think of.

Features In Grow Castle Mod Apk

grow castle tower defence modified apk

Enjoy The Unique And Satisfying Strategy Game

 First of all, Best leader Grow Castle Mod Apk gives Android gamers access to Unique yet addictive strategic gameplay. Find a way to defend your castle from the latest enemy attack. If you fail, the fate of your entire kingdom will be hopeless. Moreover, the simple defense gameplay with advanced mechanics makes Grow Castle very accessible and enjoyable.

Upgrade And Build Your Castle Tower After Each Level

 Players can participate in building and upgrading castles Grow Castle Mod Apk update. Choose from several upgrades, including building new levels, expanding towers to accommodate more people, and bolstering your defenses to fend off enemy attacks. Upgrade your towers to more floors or unlock new firepower.

 Different Units With Different Strengths And Abilities

 Also, by participating in the game you will be able to access different units belonging to the army. Choose from many units Grow castle cheats with unique powers and abilities. Collect powerful archers that can fight enemies. Launch a magical attack on your enemies. Or curse them with your mysterious Voodoo Cloth.

 Multiple Upgrades Units In Addition

Several upgrades can be added to the unit. Depending on your tactics and strategy, you need to focus on specific units so as not to waste money. Guide your army Grow castle upgrades through waves of many enemies and claim your victory.

Conquer The Territories

Fight hordes of enemies to level up and earn more honors. Train your troops and defeat your enemies using the most cunning and menacing tricks Grow the castle’s best towers. Test your secret weapon on the battlefield and make your enemies lose their balance!

Apply A Variety Of Tactics Based On Your Squad’s Unique Skills

Upgrade your troops to become more effective in battle. Find challenges against all kinds of enemies and huge bosses. Download this amazing mobile game Grow castle max levels to play anytime. Story From the very beginning, players will find themselves drawn into the battlefield with the enemy approaching.


Grow castle hacked apk works great with Android 5.0+ and needs about 150 MB space on your device. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to hack Grow Castle?

You can strengthen your castle, hire more workers and earn more money. Place the shooter on the tower to repel the attack and start surprising the enemy. Always win tough tower matches and never let your opponent hit you.

What do dark crystals do in Grow castle?

Dark crystals are for upgrading gear and treasures, and every time you complete a wave you get a gem.


For mounts, as mentioned above, there are two types: primary and secondary. The tower is the target you need to protect yourself from enemies. If destroyed at a certain time, the game Grow castle best setup ends immediately and you will have to play again from the previous wave.

grow castle mod apk

The main tower has special advantages because it can hold many units and has many special skills. In addition, they can be upgraded to increase HP and MP. On the enemy’s side, they are constantly growing stronger. At some point, the bosses will appear. They are big, have more HP, and have terrible damage. Make sure your army’s attacks are fast enough before the tower can’t take them anymore. But the boss isn’t the worst.

Furthermore, the monsters you face Castle mods tend to grow faster. They build towers and even have their witches. She constantly uses her magic to speed up attacks, defense, or even send great dragons into the battlefield. This is a warning about the difficulties you will encounter shortly before you immerse in this single-player stylized casual breeding simulation.


Lastly, immerse yourself in this atmospheric strategy, destroy enemies, conquer towers, build castles and gain the upper hand in this war! In Grow Castle, experience a simple yet addictive strategy game where you lead your army and defend your kingdom from escalating enemy attacks. In addition, protect your kingdom with everything you need to drive out your enemies. Don’t let them break through your defenses at any cost. Otherwise, the result will be unacceptable. Send them to the battlefield using a variety of combat units.

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What's new

  • Unlimited Gems
  • Bug Fixes




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