Empire Warriors TD Mod Apk 2022 (Unlimited Money, Gems, Free Purchases)


Empire Warriors TD Mod Apk gives you unlimited money, unlimited coins, unlimited diamonds, unlimited crystals, and unlimited gems.
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Strategy games are very popular among people. They love to make their empire and do the proper change to build the whole life system there. Build your whole kingdom and make a proper space for the people to live. Get arranged for the basic facilities like living, food, and weapons for your people.

Here you will face different battles where you need to fight with the enemies and beat them. In Empire Warriors TD Mod Apk you only have two options during the fight whether you will win the fight by defeating enemies or you will die by the enemies. Create your special army and teach them how to fight during battle.

Empire Warriors TD Mod Apk is the strategy category game. There are cartoonish characters that look funny during the battle. These characters are trying to save their kingdom and fight against the enemies by using different types of weapons. Build the tower for your defense.

You can upgrade the towers by doing up-gradation and make it according to your choice. The more the tower will be stronger the more you will be able to defend yourself from the enemies and can easily attack them. So, the game is never going to end you to become bored while it has hours of different fun challenges.

Moreover, the battle game offers different powerful heroes which you can choose as your characters for the fight. Select the different unique towers to present there and play in a defensive style. Face the many epic challenges and deal with different strategies to come out of it.


As you are fighting with enemies in the battle game but also deal with many funny moments. There you are building the tower for your safety and keeping an eye on your enemies. So, get ready for the exciting journey of the tower defense battle and kill the different monsters there. You can also get an amazing Call Me Emperor Mod Apk from here.

Features in Empire Warriors TD Mod Apk

Build Tower Defense

Build the Tower Defense system to defeat the enemies. Get the money by beating the enemies and killing them in the battle. This money you will use to build the new tower for your defense and repair the old damaged towers. Defeat all the enemies on every level to get the exciting rewards and cash. You can get on the tower and attack the enemies from there and it also saves you from the enemy’s attack. Moreover, the player will get 1500 gems, 300 crystals, 50 VIP coins, and many other useful things which you can use during the game.

Find Out The Fantasy Story Of Loria

Here you will find out the fantasy story of the continent Loria. Where you will meet different creatures like humans, elves, trolls, and many different strange animals. The player will get a chance to defeat 30 different opponents in many different exciting battles. So, every different monster will have different behavior and unique abilities in battle.

There is a unique history in every territory. You will enjoy every event, every other castle which you explore, and every other location where you will get a chance to play the game. Play in the different weapons and become the champions of the Loria. The game offers epic battles in fantasy locations. Like the human plains, the deadly swamps, the dwarves’ mountain kingdoms, the frozen mountains, the goblin jungles, and many other terrifying places.

Play In A Defensive Style

So, there is a great option in a game to play defensive. The game has 4 castles where you can play the game. You are performing three tasks all over the game: build, fight, and defend. Get the barrack tower where you will train the strong warriors and these warriors are led by the brave knights of Endia in it.

These powerful warriors will help you to block the way of the enemy and destroy them. Build the archer tower to give physical damage to enemies and it also brings useful buffs from the neighboring tower. The magic tower will bring unique dragons and deal with magic damage. Moreover, the golem tower from which you can throw massive rocks at enemies and it deals with huge damage in a large area.

Variety Of Different Modes

Moreover, the game also offers to play in different modes. The endless mode where players will get endless challenges. To get many gems to play infinitely or become a legend. Select the online mode where you will meet with different online players. So, be the best in it to get on the top of the leaderboard.

Use Heroes To Kill Monsters

In Empire Warriors TD Mod Apk players can control up to 3 heroes at a time. Every hero has three passive abilities and one active ability which you can use in challenging missions. Upgrade your hero and increase their fighting power against the mighty opponent. The hero needs to fight with 30 different monsters in touch challenges. In which every other monster has special abilities like moving quickly and having high health. Moreover, each level gives a large number of monsters and all of them try to kill the player. Get Empire Warriors TD Mod Apk with no root survey verification anti-ban app.

Build Towers To See Fight

Moreover, you will build many towers which help you to win the game. Every tower has different characteristics from others. Play in your style where you will use secret strategies to defeat enemies. Use the heroes which will fight against the monsters and kill them. So, play Empire Warriors TD Full Modded Apk with a private server.


The gameplay of the Empire Warriors TD Mod Apk is quite simple. Every person can play this strategy game with exciting and funny battles. The player is building their empire in it. Where they need to build their kingdom and make their army to fight with enemies. Arrange the basic facilities for your people and train them to fight the monsters. Fight till the last breath. Here you don’t have any second option. You need to defeat the enemies in every condition. So, build the towers which create a defense for you. Many other towers are also available which you buy with money. Every tower has specific qualities to others.

Moreover, play in the Loria continent where you’re gonna meet with 30 terrifying monsters. Monsters are very terrifying with dangerous abilities. Killing them is not very easy, use the superheroes to kill them. Enjoy the game in various exciting modes. So, why not download it and start playing it on your ios, android mobile phone, emulator, pc, computer, tablet, and laptop.

Hacked Apk Features

  • Use the gold coins during the battle to build towers.
  • Empire Warriors TD Mod Apk unlimited everything with the upgraded version.
  • Purchase many items for free. 
  • Empire Warriors TD Premium Mod Apk all heroes unlocked and unblocked.
  • Empire Warriors TD Mod Apk unlimited money, coins, diamonds, crystals, and gems free download offline latest version.
  • Unlock all premium features and all levels. 
  • Empire Warriors TD Mod Apk vip hacked cheat codes.
  • Limitless rune keys and ancient coins.
  • Empire Warriors TD Mod Apk free shopping game app.
  • Empire Warriors TD Mod Apk unlimited ancient coins.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Empire Warriors TD Mod Apk safe to download and it is free to download?

Yes, this game is safe to download for the device and it is free to download for playing.

Is login important in Empire Warriors TD Mod Apk and how many times we can do backup in it?

Yes, login is so important in it to play the tournaments or to collect the crystals. And a player can backup up to three times a day.

How to install Empire Warriors TD Mod Apk on android?

Download the apk file from here, Turn on the 3rd part app installation option from your device settings, and after that click on the apk file it will automatically start the installation process.

How to install and play Empire warriors hack apk on PC?

For playing the game on pc you need to download and install an emulator i.e BlueStacks, Game Loop. After that download the apk file and simply install it on your emulator and start enjoying the game with all its mod features.

Final Words

The Empire Warriors TD Mod Apk is worth playing the game. A player will enjoy the game with the 3d graphics and amazing soundtrack. You need to build the towers for your defense and other towers will be present with different abilities or characteristics. Moreover, this will help you to win the game against the enemies. Kill the 30 various monsters by using your superheroes. Play the game in many modes that will make it enjoyable for the player. So, download the Empire Warriors TD Mod Apk and enjoy the towers battle game.

What's new

  • Balancing will be improved.
  • Bugs will be fixed which improves the game.




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