Latest Deep Town: Idle Mining Tycoon Mod Apk 2022 Unlimited Resources/Free Shopping


In Deep Town Mod Apk, You can do free shopping and get unlimited resources. In this modified version, You can unlock all the premium features.
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NameDeep Town: Idle Mining Tycoon
Requires Android4.4 and up
Original SourcePlay Store
DeveloperRockbite Games
MOD PropertiesUnlimited Resources
Root RequiredNo

It is a charming arcade game published by the Rock bite Games. In Deep Town Mod Apk, You have to play the role of a miner’s business. In addition to mineral exploration, miners are located in the depths of the earth. You have to find different types of weapons to destroy layers of rocks on the piece of land.  Also, have to do work on making the underground city. While exploring many subdivisions, you will have to create many productive areas for mining many fantasy elements.

This type of simulation game connects you to deep adventures in the center of the planet. While making an underground city, You have to establish your own system of factories and make different types of towns under the endless mines. There are many features available in the Miner gameplay. Although you will have to accumulate a number of incredible resources.


While doing this, You can invest in different levels of your mining factory. It is very addictive gameplay. A lot of mining content like jewels, stations, and resources are available in the game. These resources are found very deep under the earth. This space is not suitable for ordinary people, only robots are suitable for this deep space.

To get and find jewelry, you need to improve your technique and keep digging. A lot of earth’s crust metals are found under the thickness of the earth. While digging straight into the center of the earth gives you unlimited precious stones and metals. Moreover, You can buy the latest technology to reach the most difficult places. There is also an amazing feature of automatic mining for you. You can also make a profit offline.


  • You will play as an astronaut who accidentally lands on a strange planet. It was actually sent from an alien planet capable of digging and exploring natural resources, and its ship is full of weapons, robots, and resources to dig and search for resources. You can start designating an endless underground world as a mining city by digging out the available items and equipment.
  • You can unlock new resources and dig deeper and deeper and build mining factories in the underground world. To raise resources and make money, you can build factories with the progress at every level. Slowly unlock the construction mining with deep management options and great features. There are many interesting boats that can help you with mining, digging, and research.
  • Moreover, You can create a whole living world under the ground at will. Continue digging while building your mining empire to discover an amazing world. There are hundreds of fully upgraded levels that are filled with fun and excitement. Not only digging and mining but there are many other games available for you such as finding, planting, and even fighting mines.

Features In Deep Town Mod Apk

Many amazing and unique features are available:

  • Discover The Planet
  • Build Factory
  • Dangerous Enemies
  • Deep Digging
  • Upgrade Mining
  • Discover The Universe
  • Unique Gifts
  • Multiplayer Mode
  • Free To Play
  • Graphics
  • Sounds

Discover The Planet

In Deep Town, every mine looks like a book. It gives you a lot of wisdom about the design and nature of the Earth. You can learn about the history of the earth and its formation. You can freely learn about exploitation and many other things.

Build Factory

  • Everything is related to mining and the task is yours to run the company. To get more resources find potential mines with the help of modern machinery technology. This game gives you 10 different amazing zones.
  • With the help of these zones, You can get more profit by discovering the new zones. These zones are extremely useful to maximize your profits. It is quite expensive to go in too deep. Instead of going in-depth, You can change the zone. While doing this, You can save a significant amount.
  • To exploit more resources, You have to use modern technology. At the start, only manual machines are available for you. Although, You can buy many types of modern machinery also a drone by spending money. Moreover, You can also upgrade your weapons by doing this. Your device can also work offline.

Dangerous Enemies

Many countless dangers are waiting for you. To defeat these monsters, You have to make powerful weapons and also upgrade the factory. There are many unique weapons are present in the deep town. Some of these are Ice Freeze, Fire Blast, and many other weapons. To protect your mind from the hordes of monsters, You have to upgrade your weapons.

Deep Digging

There are many layers on every planet in, All of these have metals, gems, and minerals. These resources are the gift of nature. gives us  You can make huge profits fast in the mining industry.

You can start building mining stations after finding suitable caves. There are many ways to extract resources. You can dig deep with many drill bits or with a laser gun on the underground floor. It gives you a lot of fun.


Upgrade Mining

You can do a lot with the available upgrades and mining establishments. You’ll need to start with an upgraded control panel to get better access. It gives you to quickly penetrate the blocks, digs fast, and also gives you better weapons to fight against the ugly monsters. To add more resources to the excavation, you need to upgrade the drone miners.

Discover The Universe

Deep Town Modded Apk introduces you to an extensive and intriguing world. You can explore many unique and amazing resources. By finding hidden secret caves and doing establishment work on your own mines, You can enjoy it a lot.

With many Asteroids, you can see many amazing mining locations in 10 different zones. A lot of new planets can be discovered by digging deep under the crust and sending drones on multiple expeditions. By greenifying the underground world, You can restore the life of certain asteroids.

Unique Gifts

Deep Town Modified Apk gives you many amazing and unique gifts that can be picked by you in your daily routine also with the staking rewards. There are many final prizes for you, You can get these interesting and useful prizes at the end of the week or month. Many interesting periodically and weekly events give you a lot of fun. In this unique gameplay, You can win many special rewards and unlock all the amazing rare gems or prize badges.

Multiplayer Mode

Deep Town Hack Apk introduces you to this amazing multiplayer mode. In this, You can enjoy online gaming experiences with your friends from all over the world. While playing with your friends and other online players, You can mount on the exciting online leaderboards.

 At the top 30, You have to make your name on all the leaderboards gives you the right to brag to your friends. Also easily interact and communicate with your friends and fellows through miners’ intuitive messages. While giving many resources to each other, You can help each other in this exciting gameplay and enjoy it a lot.

Free To Play

Deep Town Modded Apk is totally free, so you shouldn’t pay a penny whether you’re playing online or offline. You just have to go to Google Play Store for downloading, It can be automatically installed on your android devices.


Deep Town Hacked Apk is based on 2D graphics. Its graphic result is amazing and colorful, which reduces the intensity of violence in the game amazing and attractive graphic result.


Deep Town Mod Apk has amazing sound effects which you can enjoy a lot. Music in it makes battles more joyful and interesting for you. With its interesting sound effect, you will enjoy it a lot.

Modded Version

Modded Version is also known as a hacked version.

  • Unlock all the premium features.
  • You can do free shopping and get unlimited resources in this latest hack version.
  • Moreover, You can also upgrade your mining company.
deep town mod apk

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Mining Factory work offline in Deep Town Mod Apk?

Yes, Mining Factory works both offline and online mode.

How you can get more drones in Deep Town Mod Apk?

You’ll need a drone bay for getting more drones. It can be unlocked after reaching the 12 levels and for the construction of its 2000 coins are required.

Final Thoughts

Deep Town Mod Apk is an exciting and unique gameplay for those who are interested in deep mining. You can play this game in both offline and online modes. In this, You just have to discover vast and simple planets. There are not any complicated rules for you. With its amazing graphics, It gives you a lot of happiness.

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What’s New

  • Smashfixes
  • Startup Advancements
  • Bugfixes
  • Version Update


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