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The successor to the POWER LEVEL WARRIOR series!
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Fighting video games of the very highest caliber include BURST TO POWER Mod Free Download. It has many good suggestions and successes throughout. The players will be incredibly delighted by the highly realistic 3D pictures. You will feel as though you are fighting yourself due to the intense combat noise produced by various assaults.

NameBurst To Power
PublisherBOOLit Game Studio
Android Requirements8.1 and up
Size221 MB
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App Overview

This game is created by BOOLit Game Studio. The world’s security is in jeopardy. A powerful deity known as Google has confused the Overworld, rendering everyone defenseless and subject to his whim. Fortunately, Redline, one of his disciples, revolts against him.


As a result, you will have to fight a variety of adversaries who are all employed by Google. Several buttons on the game screen can be pressed to manage your avatar. Each click has a different function. You will receive several attacks, defensive, spirit charge, and dash buttons as well as the ability to perform the process of correcting.

These buttons can be used in conjunction with the joystick to control your character and perform a special attack. The Burst To Power obb is a third-person shooter-style 3D-action RPG game. You may play this amazing game anywhere thanks to its offline functionality.

The game has a gripping plot with hints of anime-style settings and personalities. Consequently, if you like anime, this game is perfect for you.

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Burst To Power MOD APK Gameplay

Gamers consider a game’s playability, like that of Duterte Fighting Crime 2, to be its defining feature. Burst To Power Latest Version‘s gameplay is hence fairly straightforward and follows the plot’s development. You have to keep your avatar under control during the combat.

There are numerous power-ups to choose from. There are two ways to combat that you can choose from. You can either use the ultimate power move or repeatedly assault your opponent with minor blows. Only once can be utilized before this show of strength needs to be replenished with light hits.

App Features

Among the many aspects of the free Android game Burst to Power are the following:

  1. Great Wars
  2. Unlock Characteristics
  3. Customization
  4. Designed Assault
  5. Animation
  6. Unlimited Money
  7. Amazing Graphics
  8. Easy Controls
  9. Purchase Items
  10. Spirit Points
  11. Squad Battles

Great Wars

You will need to employ both quick thinking and deft control manipulation during battles. To carry out the activities required, your avatar will have keys. Attacking, defending, storing energy, firing energy balls, and flying are all included. HP, soul energy, rage points, and endurance will all remain constant in your numbers.

Unlock Characteristics

The actors in the game have a lot of untapped potential. You need to elevate each individual’s traits to effectively utilize them. To be eligible for power-ups, gather resources from victory. Higher breakouts, more useful new skills, and much better stats are all provided by new abilities.



To accomplish the necessary obstacles collectively, you will need colleagues. Players can create their ideal team at this point. Check out your library to see which heroes are the best and most sane. Please place them with your character in the appropriate locations.

 Explore scary monsters and hostile environments with them, then cooperate creatively to eliminate them quickly.

Designed Assault

You can launch unexpected assaults on the lands of other players to catch them off guard. They can harm you in the same way, so use caution.


In Burst to Power, the combat is fierce and quick. To survive, you’ll need to be nimble on your feet and have fast reactions. You can’t afford to make any errors when the risks are this high. Since every combat is unique, you will need to quickly adjust your tactics.

Be ready for anything and keep an eye out for chances to swing the balance in your favor. Success requires you to always be one step ahead of your competitors. Utilize your surroundings to your advantage and launch big attacks when they’re not expecting it.

Unlimited Money

You have an infinite amount of in-game money if you play the modded versions of the game. You can purchase anything you want from the in-game store using this money.

Amazing Graphics

The pictures are bright and vivid. They also provide you with unprecedented vision because of their incredible detail.

Easy Controls

There won’t be any tricky button combos to memorize. To launch successful attacks, all you need to do is tap and snap a few times.

Purchase Items

You can spend money on in-app purchases to improve your game experience. These things won’t make you successful, but they can give you a stronger position.

Spirit Points

You have unlimited spirit points in the game’s customized version. You don’t need to wait for your powerful skills to renew when you have access to these monies.


Squad Battles

In some game levels, you must organize teams and engage in team combat. You can team up with multiple additional characters to partake in these challenging battles, specifying the roles of each as you go.


Undoubtedly, yes. Make sure that this APK is completely secure & safe. Apps are checked for malware, viruses, and Trojans via the built-in security system.

You can certainly play the game with your buddies.


A great mobile game app is Burst to Power. If you have unlimited energy, you can enhance your gaming experience. This is one of the top Android apps. It has been purchased by over a million people, and at least 4,000 of them have given positive evaluations. The APK can be used on any Android smartphone by downloading it from our website. The game is officially available on Google Play.

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