What is a Modded Apk? Is it safe to Download the Mod apk?

What is Modded Apk

Basic Definition

A very common question is what is a modded APK? Modded / Mod Apk is a cracked or modified version of an app or game in which all paid or locked resources are unlocked, even some mods provide some extra features like changing in graphical interface and many more, The best thing about it is that you can use all these features for free. The only thing you need to do is download the app and install it on your android, PC, or IOS device.

Technical Definition

In technical terms, A Mod apk is a copy of the original app and game with some minor code changes, hosted on a different private server. These are not signed by google play store or original game developers but have the same features and resources as the original apps or games. This is why mods are very famous among people who want to play a game in their leisure time. Because you do not need to make more hustle to win the game, in mods you will get everything within the game you need to play with confidence.

What are the disadvantages of using Mod APK?

Unofficial Version: A modified app is an app or game copy that is working on some other server and is not verified by google play protect. It is not an officially verified version and due to t the involvement of a 3rd party, it is difficult to believe in modified app providers.

How to Scan APK Files Before Installing Whether They Have a Virus?

The best source to check this is Virus Total, Website. Simply download the file and drag it on the tool it will give you a list of all modules which are involved in running that app or game. And also check for malware or software which are malicious. Some other tools are also available in the market like NViso ApkScan, and Hash Droid which you can download from the play store.

Is it safe to Download the Mod apk?

This is a little bit complicated or technical question because it depends upon app permissions, Some apps or games require internet and storage access of your device, So, if your downloaded app is owned by a hacker then it may cause a data leak because it has your device storage access and internet access and can easily steal what he wants. So always try to download a mod file from a trusted source, Or do not go for games with online mods and multiplayer gameplay.

What is the difference between Normal/Real APK & MOD APK?

Android Application Package  (APK) is a file format like pdf, png, or jpg which is used by the google play store for application files while mod Apk is a modified version of that android application package that is hosted on a private server to provide you with an all game features and resources for free.

Reason Behind Using Mod Apk?

Let’s take a real-world example: You like to play asphalt 8 in your leisure time and love to use its nitro and break opponent cars :D. But in the original game, we have limited nitro and low cars so you use an asphalt 8 mod to enjoy the game with its full peek because in that mod you have all things unlocked.

Are Mod APKs illegal to use?

No, Using a modded apk is not illegal till govt imposes bans on some games or apps because you are not violating any rules.

Does Modded APK harm your Android or IOS device?

If your downloaded mod file is not from a trusted source and also has permission to access your device storage and internet then it is a serious threat to your privacy and devices.

How to find a trusted source for Modded Apps & Games?

At our site, you can find many mods which are tested and trusted and you can use them without any doubt. But we are only working on providing game mods because many games do not need storage permission.

Is my account can be banned using the mod apk?

If your game is online and multiplayer and you are playing unsafe and using resources again and again against your opponents then your account will be banned.

Tips & Tricks to save your account from being blocked or ban

Our recommendation is that use a different account while playing with the mod apk you can download 2 copies of games on your device at the same time if you do not want to lose your original app account because the risk of banning an account can be minimized but that’s not 100% secure.

The tips are the same for all multiplayer games:

  • Always try to play in a less dominant server like Asia, or another in which you face some glitches and nobs but these glitches are better than getting banned.
  • If you use the resources that are not for that stage in the game you will also get caught by the anti-cheating system, so keep it natural and play like a player who is afraid of other players.
  • Try to play solo modes so the other team members can not suspect your activities and report or try to make your own team.
  • Try to play the game on an emulator.

Final Words:

Always try to download a modded file from a trusted source like babyapk for game mods because a single app with the wrong intent can destroy your mobile device or may cause a privacy leak, so, be safe.

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