Top Five Android and IOS GAMES Available at BABYAPK

Top 5 Android and IOS Games

The gaming industry is evolving on daily basis, according to a survey the gaming industry will reach up to 16B dollar industry in 2022. So, here we are discussing those android and ios games that are available on our site and are being loved by millions of users due to their fascinating and awesome features.

Kick The Buddy

top 5 android and ios games

A soothing and stress-relieving game called Kick The Buddy Forever. You can now vent your resentment on a defenseless computerized doll. If you’re looking to swiftly let a little stress out, you don’t need to look much further. The possibilities in this game are endless when it comes to creative methods to abuse this doll. You’ll find your absolute favorite method of attacking this rag doll soon enough with the infinite number of options available.


  • Choose from a variety of options, including hitting, stabbing, and throwing weapons like rockets and explosives.
  • Use your imagination to mix different attack strategies with everyday household products like fruit or other sharper materials.
  • You can either take your firearm and throw it carelessly at your doll or you can squeeze it.
  • You can also just toss stuff at the wall or pull your poor doll to the exact location where you want it to stay to acquire a good strike exact displacement.
  • Keep in mind that you can only buy these new guns with the money you earn by efficiently murdering your rag doll.


  • iPhone: iOS 9.0 or later is necessary.
  • Android: 5.0 and up

Why this is on Top

Kick the Buddy is relaxing fun where you beat to death a little rag doll to get rid of all the unnecessary stress from your day.



The terrifying, shiver-inducing scary video game. Granny was created by DV loper. You are confined within Granny’s crumbling chambers and crumbling passageways, and you must find a way out. Make careful Granny ripper doesn’t catch you skulking around since she doesn’t take dishonesty easily.

The love of a grandma is unrivaled. Granny unblocked has confined you inside her home to keep you closer. She’s declared martial law within the house to prevent you from attempting to flee. It’s time to act now since you can’t see any other options.

What to do in Granny

Try to escape his home: if you want to live, but be cautious and silent. As usual, Granny observes things. Grandpa punches forcefully despite having poor hearing. Granny notices when you drop something on the floor and rushes over. You can skulk behind mattresses or in closets.

Five days remain: Using the virtual directional pad on the left side of the screen, you may move your avatar about the house and engage with nearly anything, including opening cabinets and drawers, hiding under beds, obtaining keys, disarming traps, etc.


  • Android 4.0 or higher is required.
  • Requires iOS 11.0 or later.

Why this is in the list

In the suspense simulator Granny house, your objective is to leave the chamber without being discovered by the unsettling granny. Grab some useful equipment to assist you in opening locked boxes or apartments.

Avakin Life


Avakin Life MOD Unlimited Ava Coins Developed by Lockwood Publishing, a 3D Virtual World is a role-playing video game. Android and iOS versions are now accessible.


  • Go into a virtual world where you can be whatever you desire to be.
  • You are free to create the flat or mansion of your dreams.
  • Any location can offer the potential to make new acquaintances, whether it be while on vacation or through thrilling activities.
  • Create a team and enter famous fashion competitions.
  • Keep your favorite memories of time spent with new acquaintances to post on social media.
  • In your new virtual life, there are over 28,000 outfits and gadgets to select from, so you’ll never get tired. Make your style as unique as you like.
  • Additionally, design your home to make the ideal area where you may hang out with your new buddies. Begin your second life and go on the experiences of your dreams.
  • This role-playing simulation game offers countless potential outcomes. In stunning 3D settings, catch up with old acquaintances and forge new bonds.
  • Explore this ever-growing and evolving planet and feel free to walk through all the breathtaking places.


Android Requirements: 5.0 and up

IOS Requirements: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.

Why This is in our list

In the charming digital world of Avakin Life, you can fulfill your wishes. Communicate, socialize, and mingle with players from around the world as you find your group. Build your 3D avatar and accessorize it with thousands of the newest fashion items. Get tickets to the hottest events at pulsing clubs or on stunning exotic islands.

Zombie Frontier


A classic first-person zombie shooting game is the zombie frontier genre. Participants can gather resources, and weapon secrets, take on mutant Leaders, feel the effects of a true catastrophe, and witness zombie limbs disintegrate.

There are evolved zombies lurking in the game’s shadowy crevices, leaping zombie Pitbulls, beaked zombies that can stand up even after their heads have been shot off, Gobblers, Roadblockers, Chargers, the “Mother Worm,” the final perverted amalgamation of all zombies, General Simmons, and other mutant zombies in your journey, among others.

Important Points to keep an Eye on during playing this game

  • Each gun requires a certain kind of skill to operate well.
  • You can opt to carry two automatic weapons and subdue them by dousing them in shots. You can also pick the cannon, in which case you’ll load it up, discharge it, and blast something which gets close to you up.
  • In addition, there are massive artillery pieces like sniper rifles, grenades, and other weapons that can be utilized for specific strategies.
  • Along the way, you can purchase commodities like Adrenalines and First Aid Kits. These are your only options for surviving.
  • Find more surviving members, socialize with others, or engage in rivalry with them. Just keep in mind that other players are also playing.


Android Requirements: 5.0 and up

IOS Requirements: Requires iOS 6.1 or later.

Why this game is on our list:

 In the exhilarating game Zombie Frontier, you must war zombies that have overrun the world to stay alive. It will take you to a future in which a virus has transformed the majority of people into zombies. It’s your responsibility to rise to these zombies who want you dead.

Raid: Shadow Legends

The Dark Lord Siroth in the east has cast a Shadow over the land of Telleria. You are one of the numerous long-dead Telerian soldiers who have been brought back to life by Teleria’s eternal protector, the Arbiter, to halt it. Discover a wide variety of strategies, unique PvE and PvP gameplay types, unmatched character skill customization, and exploding collaborative club play.

What to do within the game

  • Join other multiplayer and add your name to the list of Teleria’s champions. Slam down the challenge and engage in ferocious arena combat with other gamers.
  • Defeat your rivals, advance tiers, and collect rewarding prizes.
  • Earn some respect from your adversaries and rarer goods by climbing the ranks. Those who can gather the appropriate Winners will succeed.
  • Attempt to unify the Lizard Men, Undead Hordes, and Orcs. To establish your assertion to honor, win the loyalty of Champions from 16 different groups.
  • Take on intimidating bosses to collect rewards, experience points, and unique Championship drops!
  • Battle your way through many obstacles such as the Fire Knight’s Castle, Ice Golem’s Peak, Spider’s Den, and Dragon’s Lair.
  • Acquire a range of Power distributed to customize the composition of your team.
  • Develop a plan to make the most of your Champions by leveling them up such that they suit one another. Differentiate oneself from your competitors and rule.


Android Requirements: 5.0 and up.

IOS Requirements: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.

Why this is in our List

A  genuine mythological RPG with beautiful visuals that features hundreds of Champions from 14 different selectable groups. You will assemble Teleria’s most illustrious warriors from the forces of Light and Darkness to preserve the world. To put up the best invading party ever seen, you must teach them how to fight alongside one another, and turn them into living weaponry.

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