Beyblade Burst Rivals Mod Apk 2022 (Unlimited Money, Gems, Free Level Up)


Beyblade Burst Rivals Mod Apk gives you unlimited beycoins and beygems. You can unlock all levels in this latest hacked version.
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Beyblade Burst Rivals Mod Apk is an online fast-paced match 3 puzzle genre game by epic story interactive in which you are a Beyblade fighter and this is a battle of bladders to prove which bladder has the strongest connection with his bey. So, get ready to start your journey as a Beyblader by fighting with the characters of the Beyblade burst tv series.

You have different powers according to your avatar, bey techniques, and many other in-app purchases which you can use according to your resources if you are playing the game by downloading it through the play store or app store. From babyapk you will get the hack apk of Beyblade burst in which there are no ads and you can get purchases and unlocked all resources for free.

You have to fight with your full strength with your bey valtryek to be the winner of the Beyblade world championship. Try to match burst tiles patterns as fast as you can to be able to use a bey technique in super psyched battles. According to the fundamentals of matching you have to destroy the burst bar of your opponent faster than the opposition player to win the match and destroy his bey in Beystadium.You can also download Classic Sudoku Mod Apk

beyblade burst rivals mod apk

Features of Beyblade Burst Rivals Mod Apk

Learn from Best Opponents

In this Beyblade series, you will learn a lot from these famous players like Hyuga Hizashi, Valt Aoi, Dante Koryu, Aiger Akabane, Shu Kurenai many others. You can also download Angry Birds Journey Mod Apk from here.

Build Your Team With Different Power Packs

There are many types of packs i.e. stamina set box, platinum pack, legendary avatars pack, premium core pack, event-exclusive sakura bey pack, turbo master pack, and many more which you can buy with buy gems to get different rarest beys and power-ups to build the best team of beys like Victory Valtryek, Storm Spryzen, Raging Roktavor, Lost Linor and powers to beat your opponents easily because at the end you have to fight with very hard players who have most powerful beys with large burst packs which are very dangerous and can destroy your bey.

Manage Your Loot in Beyblade Burst Rivals Mod Apk

In Beyblade Burst Rivals Mod Apk when you beat a player you will get some player’s achievements, presents, or gifts which are in different forms. They may be power boxes, a new bey arsenal, avatars, and power-ups like Rush Launch, Counter Break, and Quake Launch that can be managed through the loot option on the bottom left of the mobile or pc screen.

Connect with your Friends

This feature is very exciting and fabulous in that now you do not need the physical presence of your friend to play with. Simply connect with any social media platform like Facebook and start enjoying the game with your sweet and lovely friends.

Change Your Stadium Location

You have different options in Beyblade Burst Rivals Mod Apk to change your location through spectacular location options including the national stadium, mountain top, seaside, and many more.

VIP Passes and Leagues

You have different passes i.e. bey academy pass, gold pass, and platinum pass which you can unlock by playing several levels and achieving the desired results to get different things, like slumbering avatar crystals, XP booster, gamma box, shiny gold event bey box, shining attack avatar crystals, stamina avatar crystals, a bag of bitcoins, chivalrous gamma box, a sack of buy gems, judgment box, glowing cyber redeco box and many more in platinum pass.

There are many leagues like school league, Cty League, national league, and Continental leagues, to help you in learning how to use Beyblade functions like stamina counter, stamina brust, stamina tiles to get more points and be a survivor-finish by running out your opponents’ bey out of stamina and win the world league.

Graphical Interface and Sound

Game developers have tried their best to design a game like the real world. The graphics are a very soft type that can be handled easily on any type of network connection. Its sound is also good to focus on your battle.

Gameplay & Story of Beyblade Burst Rivals Hack Apk

This is the journey of a boy who became the world champion in Beyblade Burst Rivals Mod Apk by starting from nothing. He did not even know how to play the game he has started by learning through school league and built up its team with unique beys and powerful stamina power-ups and avatars and started fighting with the top leaderboard of Beyblade Burst Rivals hacked apk to achieve its goal of becoming a world champion by defeating all top-level players Valt, Aiger, Rantaro, Daigo, Ken, Wakiya.

Modded Features of Beyblade Burst Rivals

In Beyblade burst rivals modded apk you will get some important features which are as follows:

  • Unlimited BeyCoins
  • Unlimited BeyGems
  • Free Purchases
  • All Levels Unlocked
  • No Advertisements

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to install the Beyblade Burst Rivals mod apk on android?

Download the apk file from here, Turn on the 3rd part app installation option from your device settings, and after that click on the apk file it will automatically start the installation pro.

How to install and play Beyblade Burst Rivals hack apk on PC?

For playing the game on pc you need to download and install an emulator i.e BlueStacks, Game Loop. After that download, the file and simply install it on your emulator and start enjoying the game with all its mod features.

What is the best Bey in Beyblade Burst Rivals Mod Apk?

Wonder Valtryek, Strike, and Turbo Valtryek are best for me due to some of their power-ups and high stamina shield.

Can we play Beyblade Burst Rivals Mod Apk with friends?

Yes, Beyblade Burst Rivals Mod Apk is multiplayer and you can play it with your friends by connecting through social media platforms like Facebook.


Very entertaining and full of thrilling fights of Beyblade will help you to spend your leisure time in a very good manner. Beyblade Burst Rivals Mod Apk is very helpful for me so I recommend you can also check it out once and I am sure if you are a game lover you will absolutely like it, Although it has some loading issues and you need internet to play it but it’s worth it.

What's new

  • New Premium Core Pack
  • New Master Packs
  • New Master Boxes
  • Bug Fixes
  • Optimization




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