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Bad 2 Bad Extinction Mod Apk is amazing gameplay in which, You can unlock all the characters and weapons, Also get unlimited money and gems.
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Dawinstone released the third part of its Tango and Delta series. This follows the success of its previous two parts. Your players will return with mighty warriors and doubled power, which will always be at their disposal. One of the most unique and interesting aspects of Bad 2 Bad Extinction Mod Apk is that your character is an animal.


To defeat different forces of enemies, You have to join a squad of forces of heroes and fight in mysterious missions. You can find yourself as an animal who is fighting against the enemies of human invaders. In this new world, You may find yourself in a refreshing setup while defeating enemies.

NameBad 2 Bad: Extinction
Requires Android4.4 and up
Original SourcePlay Store, App Store
MOD PropertiesUnlimited Money
DownloadsOne Million Plus
Root RequiredNo

This game gives you the task of defeating terrorist organizations while fighting against these organizations, You have to command the task force Fighting these organizations is not an easy task because other forces will never support you. You just have to trust in yourself. To bring peace to people.

You have to Dive into endless epic shooting missions in which you find a way to defeat the enemies. Make the ultimate squad of superior soldiers to repel your enemies and stop their evil tricks. While challenging in exciting missions, You can meet with a familiar character and his teammates.


In this game, you can find yourself in a strange and interesting world where humans and animals are living together in a developed society. As time went on, some internal conflicts arose between the nations, and some fanatic groups of people formed terrorist forces to fight with animal nations. The firing of a devastating missile in Syria turned the country into rubble and catastrophic damage.

Then events begin in the game. These terrorist forces also began invasions of surrounding countries while despiting the efforts of the United Nations. Several people became foolish zombies after a virus was discovered after a missile was fired and wreaked havoc across Syria. Now the undead zombie forces terrorizing Syria and its surrounding countries.

bad 2 bad extinction mod apk

If you want to save your planet you have to stop them at all costs or you will lose your entire planet. To stop this type of madness, You have to make an army of elite warriors and heroes. Their task is to locate the AABM launcher and destroy it before beginning another attack.

For the safety of the planet, You have to pick guns and join groups of devoted animal heroes to fight against terrorist forces. While doing this, You can restore peace on lands. Like your enemies, you have five different forces to contend with. All of these have different types of characteristics. To destroy them, You have to wipe out your enemy’s forces.

Features In Bad 2 Bad Extinction Mod Apk

Build Your Strength

In this game, You have to fight against terrorist organizations as an army colonel. To do this, you must assemble a trained force of elite soldiers that consist of your trusted friend. These are the precise animals that have the ability to walk on both legs and act like humans and make dramatic situations.

To participate in every fight, You need to prepare yourself. This attractive gameplay will lead you to interesting spaces and begin a series of tough tasks. Each level gives you many different tasks. To confront dangerous enemies, You have to prepare your strength and skills to make a fully equipped fighting force.

You can fight alone with these terrorist forces but your companions will support you a lot against these organizations. Your colleagues work and fight like real people. Some of them look like pandas, tigers, and many others.

Easy To Control

With its amazing graphics, It gives you a top-down view. Instead of moving in two directions as you normally do with a side-scrolling game, you can move in four directions. The game is controlled using some basic keys, such as moving, tumbling, and shooting.

In each match, You can control approximately five characters. Other characters automatically move along with you while controlling only a single character and also captain can be changed by you in the tactics of Changing.

Save The People

After joining battle, You have to fight against many different types of dangerous enemies. Once the battle starts, You are not able to stop. Even a neglection of a minute leads to a big loss for you.

It introduces you to five different types of dangerous enemies like Purebloods (PS ), Amazoness (AZ), Wilders (WD), Tailless Legion (TL), and Underdogs (UD). These enemies find ways to attack you, So don’t be subjective because the fate of the land depends on you.

After the attack, people will panic and hide. You have to find these innocent people in a fighting process. Don’t forget to find them, You have to scan all around the houses and also behind the doors to save them. After completing the assigned task,  You can accompany new friends to rescue land.

Upgrade The Force

You must practice your fighting skills in order to complete the challenges. You will have to combine smart moves to dodge enemies when cornered. Although, You can call your teammates to save yourself from the constant attacks of your enemies. You have to upgrade the weapons for enhancing their firepower and speed.

While doing this,  You can easily complete all the stages. All of your characters play very important roles in the war. More than 20 types of characters are available for you in this game that can be unlocked by you. The characters each have their own skills and roles, and their costumes can be customized.


There are many stages with specific goals are present for you. With the instructions, You can accomplish these stages. It is not so easy to reach your goal when it appears in a specific area. This game introduces you to two types of goals one is the main goal and the other one is a secondary goal.

Secondary targets are mechanical elements that can be very useful for negotiating a specific time to complete the hack. In other words, if you are attacked and hit the target, you need to repeat the process. The main objective helps you to destroy most of the enemies by completing most areas.

You can increase your killing percentage by destroying your enemies. With the help of this, You can overcome the enemies and finish in a certain time before the darkness. While killing your enemies, You will receive many dropped items that help you to increase your health.

Multiplayer Mode

You can play this game in multiplayer mode with your friends and other online gamers to compete on the leaderboards. Winning Challenges against your opponents through ultimate squads makes the game more interesting.

Free To Play

This game is totally free of cost. You don’t have to pay a single penny for playing this game. All is Just going to the Google Play Store to download it and it will be automatically installed on your devices.


The interface of the game is based on amazing and colorful graphics and its quality is very impressive. The unique and gorgeous graphic result makes it more interesting. You can drown yourself while playing.


Amazing music quality, You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Furthermore, the dialogue is written in a professional manner, which makes the stories more enjoyable.

Modded Version

  • Unlimited Money & Gems
  • Free Shopping

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Bad 2 Bad Extinction Mod Apk safe for all devices?

Yes, Bad 2 Bad Extinction Mod Apk is safe for all devices. It does not damage any small or large devices.

Is this the latest version of Bad 2 Bad Extinction Hack Apk?

Yes, There is no doubt that it is the newest version of the Bad 2 Bad Extinction Hack Apk.

Final Reviews: We told you all about the game. Bad 2 Bad Extinction Mod Apk is interesting gameplay. While playing this game, you will enjoy this game a lot and will also like the ideas written about the game.


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What's new

  • Update the engine for game stabilization
  • Fixed an issue with paused drop items



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